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Software Numerous organizations in online marketplace are engaged to boost up their business with usage of intelligent emailing application or emailing systems like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, rediff mail etc. All these emailing applications provide to keep store your crucial emails via dividing them into different folders, this facility can be availed with distinct filter options provided those applications. But, the problematic issue with online emailing application is when you are not in online mode as well as you dont have facility to get connected with inter. Server at that time your work halts and you think is there a way to create Gmail backup in .pst or .eml file format because this is the only way to protect Gmail emails at bad times. Facility To Keep Different Emails In Different Folders As well as received emails get stored into Inbox folder, the next folder is for sent items with the name Sent Items, folder with the name Important is for containing mails that are most viable for the particular user, Starred folder is to save emails that are kept in category of very important mails, and Draft is designed for keeping mails that are not in use now but will be surely get utilized in future. Altogether email environments facilitate users to make the collaboration effortlessly among distinct clients and employees along with flexibility to keep enormous emails at the same place. Backup Gmail Emails And Prevent Confidential From Unauthorized Access Backup tool for Gmail emails is the better way to prevent your crucial emails from hackers as web market is nowadays filled with hackers that can perform the role of thief to access your Gmail account for extracting important details. Conversion of Gmail emails into EML or PST file format is the prevention technique that can be availed with some intelligent outside application designed for the same. This conversion is preferred by users because PST format is accessible into Outlook account that is followed by most of the .anizations. As well as if conversion of emails is done into EML file format then, it can be easily accessed into Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail etc that allow opening single email file format. How To Create Gmail Backup Efficiently? If you are stuck in the query is there a way to create Gmail backup in .pst or .eml file format then, no need to think more because Gmail Backup tool is availed to make your emails accessible into PST and EML with not any alteration in email data. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: