Issued on securities trading stocks officially launched to help in the golden October – in the new n winavi video converter

Issued on securities trading stocks officially launched to help in the "golden October" – Beijing property market continued to "high fever", the stock market continued to "turmoil", the recent domestic investment environment, it seems not so good about. However, the crisis is often began to turn, has announced a veteran broker — issued securities before the date, will be officially launched trading stocks in October 10th, which will undoubtedly give the investors a new opportunity. Daily growth securities analysis, stocks in the just concluded at the end of the FOMC meeting, "no interest rate resolution" has the final word, the next market in October, gold can produce the effect, it is worth looking forward to. In fact, this result is expected, to know that the Fed rate hike has always been a big thunder, little rain". Throughout the year, the market in September, first in September 9th the Hawks renewed calls, urged the three major U.S. stock index plunged more than 2%, the biggest drop since the British off the European referendum. The next is when tourists thought plummeted is only the beginning of time, stocks quickly reversed, only a few days, it had recovered in September 9th lost. So dramatic evolution, in October, the final outcome of the interest rate hike is also very good understanding. The resolution also contributed to the three major indexes rose sharply, and led the United States and Europe, the market rose in second. Of course, U.S. stocks hike thunder is still ringing, it might just be rain in December, but three months is enough to make investors start. It is also aware of this message, issued securities trading stocks quickly stepped up the layout of the channel, and officially launched the "double ten" on this node, for foreign investors to "harvest season" escort. On the U.S. stock trading platform is the whole network of high-tech investment platform issued securities to create innovative, mobile online trading services and easy to use Chinese global transaction interface, provide 24 hours speed, a single key market and online social investment, easy to use and many other intimate functions. U.S. stocks platform highlights the following advantages: first, open an account simple, fast. Users can quickly create a trading account, issued on the official will review completed in 72 hours, compared with the traditional channel opening shortens the period of a week; two is the pool of money to get through stocks, Hong Kong stocks, futures. Most of the traditional stocks brokerage stocks only do business, investors in the same day the operation of U.S. stocks, Hong Kong stocks, futures, you need to move in a number of funds between accounts. Open up the boundaries of funds, liquidity and ease of operation funds will also be improved; three is trading day 24 hours intimate customer service. Beyond the service time of the industry, the trading day has 24 hours waiting for customer service; the second is the low commission of four. Traditional brokerage, the United States to extract the Commission of up to tens of dollars per share, the Japanese issued securities through the integration of resources will be reduced to the lowest transaction costs. Issued by the United States shares these four advantages, investors can miss. Interested investors can log on the official website of the securities, or download on the APP securities account, the immediate understanding of Hong Kong stocks, stocks, futures, funds a variety of multi currency transactions first-hand information, in the "Golden Harvest" in October! In addition, the Japanese securities issued by the WeChat public platform, Japan issued securities will also share the hot market every day, the analysis of listed companies and investment and so on.相关的主题文章: