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Jiangsu a prisoner guards credulous commitment about 4000000 did not return for medical parole – Beijing medical parole — this was the Jiangsu city of Nanjing province Pukou prison inmate Li Yong expectations. From 2013 onwards he nearly 1 years, 6 times to guard 4 million 447 thousand yuan. Most of the time, the guards are providing their own mobile phone to Li Yong, let the transfer instructions from prison passed to Li Yongjia l.. This named Cui Zhengang Li Yong promised to help the guards took the initiative to apply for medical parole. Li Yongqi at the beginning of the transfer operation funds only 50 thousand yuan, but later, Cui Zhengang repeatedly on behalf of business operation, the baowaijiuyi Li Yong to borrow money, less than 10 million, more than 3 million yuan, and sometimes even their families to borrow money directly to bypass Li Yong. Borrowing more and more medical treatment has failed. In July 2014, Li Yongjia is reporting the guards, the guards by the Nanjing City Intermediate People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the Nanjing intermediate court) sentenced bribery jailed in jail. As an informer, is supposed to be the victims of Li Yongji’s family have lost freedom — they were in Nanjing city Pukou District People’s court convicted of bribery, were jailed for 6 years, 4 years. Li Yong and his family refused to accept the verdict, appeal to the Nanjing intermediate people’s court. Recently, the Nanjing intermediate people’s court hearing the case. The guards promised to help operate the medical parole in December 2008, Li Yong found guilty of organizing and leading the crime syndicate, illegal detention and other 7 charges, jailed for 19 years. Li Yongxian prison in Zhenjiang, and then transferred to the prison District of Nanjing 21 prison District, the 1 prison area of the prison. Cui Zhengang is the same with the prison area 2 sub district police discipline. At the beginning of 2013, he got acquainted with Li Yong through a prisoner. Cui Zhengang said the statement, in February of that year, on their own initiative to Li Yong said, have relatives working in the Jiangsu Provincial Department of operation for his medical parole. The criminals baowaijiuyi, once eligible, criminals can leave the prison sentence than free treatment, many in prison. The police on duty and the prison area have management responsibilities, in the medical treatment of the examination and approval procedures, each police have to speak at the meeting statement. However, Cui Zhengang did not approve authority. Li Yong: I was worried about this kind of crime, should not be long term, medical parole. "Operation" has begun. One day, the wife of Li Yong high Luang received a strange number of sent MMS content is Li Yong in prison photos. High in the later questioning Luan memories, then each call, said Li Yong to her call, "Li Yong said, this is the police officer Cui number, he is very kind to me, next time you come to Nanjing with a gift to the police officer cui". According to regulations, the police should not bring the phone into the prison area, but not allowed to use the prisoners. At the end of February, visitors to Pukou Luan high. Cui Zhengang’s confession shows that at that time, he would eat at the gate of the hotel Luang high prison, and she said to want to go to a doctor for Li Yong medical operation. Previously, Li Yong repeatedly mentioned in his visit to his high blood pressure, while the long-term pain in the back of the spoon. After a month, Cui Zhengang said to Li Yong, he has to find the relationship between the baowaijiuyi things, please people eat, spend money. Lee Yong Jie相关的主题文章: