Jilin, more than 4 children in the case of sentencing sentenced to kindergarten teachers – Sohu news wharfedale

Jilin acupuncture than children sentencing 4 kindergarten teachers were sentenced to parents of children – Sohu news broke WeChat screenshot [Jilin Siping acupuncture children sentencing 4 kindergarten teachers was sentenced to 26 days], Siping City of Jilin province Tiexi District People’s court sentenced on November 2015 four Ping honghuanglan kindergarten teachers in 4 children with acupuncture the case. Siping City Tiexi District People’s court held that the 4 defendants as teachers, repeatedly take acupuncture, intimidation and other means of abuse of guardianship of children, vile, the defendant’s conduct constitutes crime of abuse by the guardian. The 4 defendants were sentenced to criminal detention, respectively, sentenced to imprisonment for 2 years and 6 months to 2 years, ranging from 10 months. At the end of November 2015, Siping City, red yellow blue after the parents found the child waist, legs, head and other multiple red pinholes, doubt is for kindergarten teachers, involving a total of two classes, more than 20 children, parents reported to the police station. After the forensic identification red point for the needle like wound, the largest number of children found more than and 50 pinhole. After the incident, the park was shut down in the Tiexi District Education Bureau, 4 teachers involved jingfangxingju.相关的主题文章: