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Ji’nan City, the largest public rental housing in this paper Xianju thousands of households will be moved to reporters today (28 days) from Ji’nan city affordable housing management center, Ji’nan City, the largest public housing project in the Xianju public rental, from September 29th onwards for delivery procedures, much of the housing has long been thousands of families will be xiqianxinju. The Xianju public rental housing located in the city of Shanxi, Ma Wu Zhai side Wen Zhuang Road, a total construction area of 541 thousand and 500 square meters, the project consists of 33 residential construction monomer, wherein the 18 layer of 14 residential buildings, 25 residential buildings, 4 30 storey residential building 15 houses, a total of 7225 sets (Muroto 1257 sets, two room 5968 sets), a single set of building area of 40 square meters – 60. As the largest city planning area, residential 16072 largest public housing project, this paper Xianju since August 2011 began as many families without housing, but because of external municipal facilities is difficult to put into use, resulting in more than half a year is not admitted to the completion of the project. In July this year, the project water, electricity, gas and other supporting complete, indoor also equipped with a gas stove, range hood, the whole cabinet, electric water heater, to reach the conditions. According to the occupancy arrangements, from September 29th to December 29th, the housing security management department will apply for the project housing, family centralized qualification review and check-in procedures. Check in procedures are divided into 3 batches, September 29th – October 26th for 3, 4, 5, 6 building, November 1st – November 30th for 7, 12, 13, 14, 15 building, December 1st – December 29th for 19, 23, 24, 27, 32 building. The first batch of specific arrangements for the details of the chart, the second batch and the third batch of specific time arrangements, housing management department will be announced in October 27th and November 28th respectively. Qualification review and check-in place to build 10 building in the public Xianju public housing project, the processing time for the morning of the 9 – 12, 13 PM – 15:30. City affordable housing management center official said, according to the specific time for family can not be released to the site to complete the formalities, shall promptly contact the site for the units to be arranged for the time; as a result of the special case of major diseases such as not to go to, can advance contact for authorization; apply for a rental subsidies, subsidies should be held back collar proof procedures. In addition, released qualification review and check-in procedures, within 3 months of the specific date of application, the family fails to attend the formalities, will be deemed to automatically abandon the qualification, no longer related procedures. Consultation Tel: 85669152, 85945586. Check, in addition to the qualification review information, apply for the family signed a lease contract and property, hydropower and other ancillary contracts, must pay rent, property charges, water, electricity and other expenses of about 4000 yuan (does not support credit card).

济南市最大公租房文贤居今起入住 数千户将陆续迁居   记者今天(28日)从济南市保障性住房管理中心了解到,济南市规模最大的公租房项目文贤居公租房,将从9月29日起正式办理交付入住手续,盼房已久的数千户申请家庭将陆续喜迁新居。   文贤居公租房位于市中区马武寨山西侧、文庄东路东侧,总建筑面积54.15万平方米,项目由33个住宅建筑单体组成,其中18层住宅14栋、25层住宅4栋、30层住宅15栋,住宅总计7225套(一室户1257套,二室户5968套),单套建筑面积为40—60平方米。   作为我市规划面积最大、住宅套数最多的公租房项目,文贤居自2011年8月开工以来就备受广大无房家庭关注,但因外部市政配套难以及时投用,导致项目竣工半年多仍无法入住。今年7月,该项目水、电、燃气等配套齐全,室内也配好了燃气灶、抽油烟机、整体橱柜、电热水器,达到入住条件。   根据入住工作安排,9月29日至12月29日,住房保障管理部门将为选取该项目住房的申请家庭集中办理资格复核及入住手续。入住手续分为3个批次办理,9月29日—10月26日办理3、4、5、6号楼,11月1日—11月30日办理7、12、13、14、15号楼,12月1日—12月29日办理19、23、24、27、32号楼。第一批办理具体时间安排详见图表,第二批和第三批办理具体时间安排,房管部门将分别于10月27日、11月28日公布。   资格复核及入住手续办理地点在文贤居公租房项目10号楼公建,办理时间为上午9时—12时,下午13时—15时30分。市保障性住房管理中心有关负责人表示,申请家庭不能按照公布的具体时间到现场办理手续的,应及时联系现场办理单位另行安排办理时间;如因重大疾病等特殊情形不能亲自前往,可提前联系办理授权委托书;申领过租赁补贴的,应持补贴退领证明办理手续。另外,公布资格复核及入住手续具体办理日期起3个月内,申请家庭未能到场办理手续的,将被视为自动放弃入住资格,不再办理相关手续。咨询联系电话:85669152、85945586。   办理入住手续时,除提交资格复审资料外,申请家庭签订租赁合同以及物业、水电等附属合同时,还须预交房屋租金、物业费、水、电等费用约4000元(不支持刷卡)。相关的主题文章: