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Jing Lin original "eight twenty-four" gardening to nature in most of the industry and the consumer’s eyes, when it comes to Longhu, people can not always forget Longhu’s "five landscape", "crown transplantation", "every home is a trip across the garden." Longhu gardens always make people fall in love at first sight. If the sales demonstration area of the display is only developers deliberately to create a "dream", then the Longhu community to stay, even better than present landscape demonstration area, and as time goes by, more and better community atmosphere. Longhu is how to do China landscape "Godfather", and to ensure the process in a sales presentation and delivery standards, there are many peers do not learn the cheats behind. Others do yard king Lin (real estate information) original garden son king Lin original is a new generation of original products launched in Longhu in 2016, its construction is the essence and soul of "soul of the Western technology", in the overall style and details, into China type elements. In order to run through this spiritual core, Longhu for the first time to the Chinese literati landscape garden to create a pure new Chinese style garden. (Jing Lin original experience real map) in order to fit the plot itself is the original five, Jing Lin Garden from the previous upgrade to explore now camp Park Park in French, is the soul of traditional landscape gardening art, the fusion of modern design, the "eight twenty-four" originality garden. Korean landscape art, rockery stone painting, a white marble loose three shadow chic scenery, four water to the hall of architecture landscape layout, the ultimate originality of gardening practices, there are ups and downs in ease, creating a walking space changing landscape, obtain profound artistic conception distant. (Jing Lin original experience real map design inspiration from the park) Chinese ancient literati impressionistic garden landscape artistic conception, is a bustling city, into the green trees. Garden layout and deep, space small, Garden Park, walking scene different. Through the flexible use of poetic flower, wood, stone, water and space to heighten the atmosphere of Chinese freehand landscape garden. To the park, the roadway, the perfect combination of the house, to some, forget the landscape realm. (Jing Lin original experience real map) in Longhu, the designer’s idea, today "yard" concept is too popular, but in fact, the garden is the reflection of the spirit of the literati Chinese. When people in the garden, tea, in order to have Pipa allusions. Yard, but in fact is the space constraints. Jing Lin original garden can from "others do talent shows itself, the yard, start position we do garden", has more than ordinary people know. The mud sample, Longhu garden "awkward" Longhu gardening idea and technique is advanced, but more important is Longhu in the implementation process, always adhere to the "stupid" is the most useful technique — mud sample. The mud sample refers to the formation basis, designers use clay Niechu model, in accordance with the proportion of own garden sample. In the mind of the rocks before and after the trend, flow pattern…… Solid model. After all, as the traditional computer aided mud sample efficient and intuitive. For most companies, this step is too time-consuming and laborious, has entered the museum, and Longhu designers this step, 9相关的主题文章: