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Spirituality A Free SWRB MP3 "Antichrist’s (Rome’s) Idolatry Rebuked 2 of 2" by John Owen Can Be Downloaded or Heard Immediately Under the category "FREE PURITAN & REFORMATION MP3 AUDIO SERMONS/BOOKS", which is in the left column at PuritanDownloads.., then searching on this category page for the title and/or author. Wel.e to SWRB’s online summary of the free Puritan Audio Book, "Antichrist’s (Rome’s) Idolatry Rebuked 2 of 2" by John Owen. A veritable masterpiece, not only as literature and thought, but as an antidote to the puerile and shallow conceptions of worship that abound today (in Romanism and among all forms of sectarianism). Independents, Anglicans, Baptists, Charismatics, and even sadly many so-called "Reformed" churches today need the strong spiritual tonic dished out by Owen, to free themselves (by God’s grace) from their present Babylonian captivity. The pretensions of worldly splendor, sensual experience, mystical "movings of the spirit," and the corruption of fleshly minds (that is always ready to burst forth from the cesspools of novelty) is laid low by Owen as he brings Biblical standards to bear against the beggarly elements of imagery, idolatry and innovation. SWRB makes thousands of free online Reformation, Puritan, Calvinistic, Presbyterian, Reformed Baptist, Covenanter and other classic and contemporary Protestant books, MP3s and videos, by Bible believers, at puritandownloads.. under the "FREE PURITAN & REFORMATION MP3 AUDIO SERMONS/BOOKS" category in the left column. Thanks for reading this Still Waters Revival Books’ summary of the free MP3 Audio Book, "Antichrist’s (Rome’s) Idolatry Rebuked 2 of 2" by John Owen. Over 12,500 more Puritan and Reformed MP3s, books and videos are on SWRB’s Puritan Hard Drive, along with our proprietary, world class, search and research software, and a massive database (which already contains over 15,000,000 records of author, title, description, keyword, category, category resource signature, etc., data, for the Reformed and Puritan books, MP3s and videos on the Puritan Hard Drive, at PuritanDownloads… What’s more, you can add unlimited favorites lists, save all your research, add and later search through your own personal .ments on every resource and much more! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: