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College-University Joseph Hundeby is a Ph.D. candidate and a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. He is licensed in the field of general education, and is working towards his license in special education. He places an emphasis on continuing to learn about the field, and has taken an extensive number of advanced learning classes relating to both general education and special education. He had a diverse career and has worked with elementary aged children, all the way up through seniors in high schools. He has also served as a school administrator and a coach. He is able to communicate effectively with pupils of all ages, while creating a safe and productive learning environment. When Joseph Hundeby teaches, he doesn’t only rely on textbooks to drive the material home to his studies and believes in presenting it in an intriguing and unexpected way. He makes his classroom a memorable and dynamic learning experience. His experience with high school students includes time spent as the Principal of Verndale Schools. He was also the alternative learning teacher at Pine Ridge Schools in South Dakota. He was also the coach of the varsity wrestling and track teams at Fillmore Central Schools. On the middle school level, he is the former Assistant Principal at Todd County Schools. He was also the Middle School Dean of Students at Princeton Schools, as well as the Junior High Principal at Verndale Schools. He has experience in coaching adolescents as well. He is the former fourth through sixth grade teacher. He has spent time overseeing summer school for second graders. He has administrative experience with this group, since he was the K-8 Principal at Todd County Schools as well as the Elementary Principal at Verndale Schools. Joseph Hundeby has significant military experience as well. He was a member of the National Guard from 1986-2002. During this time, he served in Desert Storm and was active stateside in Operation Noble Eagle. In 2002, he was the recipient of two Oak Leaf Cluster Awards from the United States Department of the Air Force for his exemplary military service. He has traveled to many countries across the globe. He has earned a respectable name in the education sector. For more information, please browse through About the Author: 相关的主题文章: