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Korean media: pear university professor Cui Shunshi daughter to finish the homework instead of Sohu news picture: bestie Shunshi female president Cui Zheng (source: Yonhap) China daily on 19 November, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean Ministry of Education issued on 18 monitoring results, verify the president’s daughter Cui Shunshi party cronies door Zheng Yu pull South Korean schools admitted to Ewha Womans University enjoy a variety of preferential treatment. The Ministry of education will be based on the results of this research, requirement of pear Zheng’s cancellation of admission. Zheng Yu pull in the 2015 year of the college entrance examination students to apply for identity Ewha women. The survey results show that when the director of admissions had asked the committee members responsible for the selection of candidates who have won the gold medal". Zheng Yu pull in to the admissions director, received his date for the Asian Games gold medal to get to the interview to interview members, members of Zheng Yu pull high marks for scoring documents more than two candidates Zheng Yu pull, the interview is "members have passed the best period on the grounds of lack of development potential," given the very low scores. Finally, in the document data audit score is only ranked ninth, did not enter the qualified range of Zheng Yu after the interview to become the sixth, was successfully admitted to the school. Zheng Yu stayed after school still enjoy a series of special treatment. From 2015 the first semester to semester this summer, Zheng Yu pull out for 8 total subjects, but did not submit any information to replace the class attendance, attendance has passed certification. In addition, she submitted any coursework or operations in the absence of the problematic case, still get the corresponding credits. It is reported that served as the advisor in the course of the apparel industry professor Li Yinxing finished his homework instead of Zheng Yu pull. The 18 have been confirmed to have to provide special treatment for Zheng Yu pull admission and performance management of the staff, the Ministry of Education decided to take punitive measures to the extent to which they plan to in the next week, and her daughter Cui Shunshi and former president Cui Jingji by the prosecution investigation. Ewha women said "will consider the Ministry of education and research consortium survey results, take appropriate measures". Centre College sociology professor Lee Na Young said "Ewha women must take the initiative to recognize who is behind the scenes, and admit mistakes".相关的主题文章: