Let the autumn knitting mix, you can still do a little fairy-poper

Let the autumn knitting mix, you can still do a little fairy now out there the sun makes people want to hide the sun, but the air seemed to have the breath of autumn, summer and autumn in this connection, the girls almost began to consider how to give yourself the early autumn wardrobe add some fresh content the. In this hot will recede, when there is a faint cool night, too bare and thick seems to have been not suitable for the girls happily go out, so in this case, not too heavy knitted material single product seems to be a good choice. Knitting is really a woman especially enough material, the girls wear after the woman will get unlimited upgrade, may have a great relationship with its soft personal material, especially the cultivation of knitted products, really kill, straight men don’t know, don’t think "why do you wear this kind of". Bloggers are now to recommend the autumn fairy very practical knitting single product, you can feel. [Top] in the summer when knitting, there are a lot of girls wearing knitted or slight Strapless tops out, but for most of the summer, this kind of knitted material or hot, after all these years of summer is really like streaking. So early in the fall, Top is very suitable for knitting out hot single wear, cold words with a thin coat of love, it is another kind of feel. This short slim knit shirt is really very obvious big chest and slim waist, basically make the female figure. In general, a short section of knitting Top collocation high waist pants and skirts will be very high, two meters long legs, a short skirt is girl, dress trousers are very feminine. The only thing to note is that if your shoulders are very thick, tight knit is a good choice. For the shoulders of thin girls, Off-shoulder and Halter Crop Top is also a good choice. Because his shoulder or collarbone, will make the female temperament more points, and with this gentle knitting material really, really let the girls good temperament, at this point, knitted cotton, polyester Chiffon ratio, material and so on are more people feel the tenderness and texture. And the girls don’t need to feel the shoulder, as long as the shoulder is thin, and not wide to let a person look like an athlete, and in fact slight shoulder clothes is not so squeamish. If there’s wind at night, outside with a leather jacket, coat, thin coat, cloak is OK, knitting is a very useful material, can take almost any other material of a single product. For its feminine taste this, even if is the male student, all is also the same truth, has not thought that he is knitting under the foil real charming? If you really do not love tight material, loose knit tops can still collocation autumn tenderness, whether it is clean black and white or warm light tan, khaki, pink and so on, are available through the collocation of lace, cotton, denim into different styles of the little girl. [knitted skirt] knitted skirt is really the best wear, but also the most feminine temperament of a single product. Each year there are still one or two major brands of knitted fabrics.相关的主题文章: