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Levitt, the world’s most passionate toasting ceremony – Sohu of Guizhou tourism is rich in wine, wine Moutai, Dong Jiu, the famous wine, Duck Creek cellar are from the Yunnan, and the cigarette and said "clouds expensive wine, known in the world. The wine culture, in the production, life, social and other aspects of the various ethnic groups in Guizhou, is an indispensable and important food culture. For the people of Guizhou, wine is not a simple drink, it is a minority has a long history and a splendid culture blending, after long years of "fermentation", "distillation" out of top-quality wine culture carrier of ethnic minorities in Guizhou, is rich and varied. The colorful wine and wine custom of all ethnic groups constitute the intoxicating wine culture of Guizhou. Recently, Yufan follow South TV "tide holiday" crew went to Qiandongnan, visit the famous county, West sprinkling Qianhu Miao village, just arrived, but see the local extremely enthusiastic welcome dinner — long table feast toasting ceremony and levitt. Long table feast is not strange, before also participated in the southwest, many ethnic minorities have such dining customs, but the mountain is breathtaking. Through the long bridge, then meandering along the rugged mountain road and walk about two hundred or three hundred meters, our dining restaurant in the pond and golden paddy fields, we were greeted by four blows of the Miao Lusheng guy, covered with silver and a group of girls, they take a horn wine, we must enter the restaurant. Rice wine to taste them, just let it pass. In the restaurant, I face is the two curtain by a plurality of square tables spliced table, above filled with all kinds of delicacies, there are fish, beef, meat, Hot pot guzang, preserved egg, Glutinous rice, in the local leadership of the call, we have a seat, began to enjoy this famous table feast. The meal was going on, suddenly we just meet the Lusheng sounded, the Miao girls accompanied by lively music piaoranerzhi. Shining silverware, clear their song, singing and holding wine, walked over, handed the sweet rice wine Miaojia enthusiasm. Since there is a beautiful Miao girl, sitting in front of the edge of the buddy is not naturally good at her refusal, then pass the wine began to drink, drink a bowl of thought will be the end of it, but do not want to drink the first bowl of wine, five or six wine has after delivery arranged above the syncline, a too high a bowl, pour the wine like a small waterfall like stacks into the mouth for the guests. This toast, known locally as "high", meaning a long. A little sister in order to pour, also suspected of "mountain" and "water" is not high enough, "love" is not deep enough, they will stand on the chair on the bench, increase the "hill" height, the length of extension of "water". While peer buddies were astonished, without peer can not drink, have come up with a mobile phone camera, onlookers, record, and even applauded, a wave of a higher. The mountain "waterfall" wine flows, turns taste joy! The local wine is brewed rice wine, the degree is not high, can drink natural drink to enjoy, can not drink, go beyond that, to the satisfaction of all. It can be described as: "high", long.相关的主题文章: