Lichen yellow gold bull Shuguangchuxian long-term direction is still good tataufo

Huang Lichen: gold bulls Shuguangchuxian long-term direction is still good client to view the latest market at the beginning of the week the price of gold finishing up, the pressure from the market to be released last week, the 1318 become the current week highs, gold repeatedly test failed to obtain effective breakthrough, but the decline has been highlighted but weak, low rising gradually, is already a good the news of gold, the dollar fell early in the week, the gold support although the effect is not obvious, but better than Friday’s strong. Gold, long dawn has quietly appeared. The recent performance of gold, intense rivalry between long and short, and the Fed rate hike this month is closely related to whether or not. The Fed announced very little possibility of interest rate in this week, the market expected this could be good for gold, but there is not much suspense for this answer, investors have lost interest in speculation, and began to shift attention to the December and December, the probability of rate hikes is as high as 70%, investors are too afraid to bet on gold, gold is still bearing. But after all, gold is going up. Although the interest rate hike expected gold prices soared in December was under pressure, but this time the Fed will raise interest rates in September once determined, then the gold is undoubtedly a major good news, followed by Yellen’s speech, Huang Lichen think the path between the material words stressed hike, refer to more economic data, only when conditions permit, the Fed will consider raising interest rates, but now is not the time to raise interest rates for the. That is to say, despite the December interest rate voice is very high now, but once this time, the U.S. economic data poor performance, the probability of interest rate hike in December the Fed may still be a mirage and insubstantial objects. After all, the Fed’s inflation index failed to reach the U.S. presidential election has been emphasized, the uncertainty of potential risk factors and so on, which has not started to bring the program back in Europe, is the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates to consider. Under such conditions, the long-term direction of gold Huang Lichen think still optimistic. Technical indicators, continuous decline, daily STO index oversold areas go flat, at the beginning of the week after the adjustment began to rebound, MACD running on the MA5 moving average Sicha go flat, has Guaitou signs of rising prices after K-line stand on the MA5 above the average, but the Bollinger band trajectories of the 1322 form the key pressed, short-term in the rise is limited; on the four hour chart, Bollinger Bands start necking, gold interval is limited, the average index 1313-1314 STO index of regional support, near axis MACD, the rebound is weak. On the whole, because the Fed announced monetary policy statement soon, gold volatility is limited, the rally before the gold price, the magnitude can not be seen too much. Spot gold single strategy: 1313-1314, stop 1310, target 1318-1322 in order to see Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own.相关的主题文章: