Listen to the Pamirs (and thinking) – environmental protection –

Listen to the Pamirs (and thinking) – environmental protection – over the past few days, composed of experts and scholars from Peking University, Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Archaeology China China, National Museum and other units of the expedition team, has been walking in the Kunlun Mountains and Yerqiang river. The Kunlun Mountains at the right side of the vehicle, the troops along the left bank of the river upstream. Subsequently, the expedition team will be in-depth visits to Tuchman Mazdaism ruins and monk FA Xian and Xuan Zang from the Wakhan corridor by the channel to further organize multicultural details. To measure the true historical remains with footsteps, and to talk with multiple civilizations in walking. "The Chinese make poor Heyuan" is not only the diplomatic activities, that time is the Chinese of distant curiosity by the Silk Road (Xinjiang) International Culture Development Center, China Guangdong side network (Beijing) Co. Ltd launched 2016 Silk Road "? Kunlun, Heyuan comprehensive expedition in September 1st start in Xinjiang. The first day of departure from Shache, after the first is Yake AI took beacon, this is the only way to enter the Kunlun Mountains, and is a garrison and the dual function of Fengsui station. In the evening, after the expedition "Alta Shi Cun Kunlun first village, walk from Cuse Rahv township to Qiaerlong direction, because of the flood break, camping in Yerqiang river. This year, especially during the rainy season in Xinjiang, especially long rain, midnight rain out emergency relief when the sound in the tent, let people awake, it is far from the Yarkant River running the voice of the people very practical. Elchaung, the Uygur language for the "broad land". The Yarkant River is very important for Xinjiang, it is one of the four Heyuan Tarim River, across the Kunlun Mountains to the North has been formed after the formation of the Grand Canyon, one of Xinjiang’s largest oasis, oasis after the outflow of Yerqiang River around the western edge of the Taklimakan Desert, flows northeast, in the southern Junggar collection of Kashi oasis in Akesu River and Akesu River and Hetian River, the formation of the Tarim river." Before the Han Dynasty, geographical understanding that the Yellow River from Kunlun Mountains. Renmin University of China Professor, Institute of Chinese history before Qin and Han Society president Wang Zijin said, in Sima Qian’s "historical records" in 4 mentioned "poor Heyuan", such as "historical records Dawan biography"?: "the poor Han Heyuan, Heyuan for?, its many mountain jade, to the case of ancient books, the name of the river Yue Kunlun cloud mountain". Here, the "River" in ancient times is the the Yellow River. That is to say, Zhang Qian put the main tributaries originate in the Pamir knot, Kunlun Mountains and east of the Tarim River as the source of the Yellow River Yerqiang river. "It is worth noting that the" Han made poor Heyuan, "the diplomatic activities not only have to contact the forces related to the military nature of the Huns, but also linked to the exploration of geography. At that time, the calculation of time, space Chinese distance and distant places with curiosity, even if they get the geography information and today are not the same, but today we obtain knowledge base. The western regions lost fortunes decline, but they are in a period of time is also to protect the traffic and trade on this road, even more active and Western communication." )相关的主题文章: