Liu Yifei elegant bloom Mengcheng Thanksgiving Montreal Film Festival ca4111

Liu Yifei elegant bloom Mengcheng Thanksgiving Montreal Film Festival Tencent entertainment news Beijing time on September 6th, the fortieth Montreal Film Festival Awards ceremony, nominated actress Liu Yifei grace announces. The movie "Peacock" night night won the "best film" award, starring Liu Yifei as the performance has also been affirmed. In addition, Liu Yifei was invited to issue the jury special award, and thanks to the influence of the Asian Film Festival chairman thanks. That night Liu Yifei dressed in a nude dress on the red carpet, translucent white skin, tall and slender. Dress and flowers on the texture and finger butterfly accessories each other, and the movie "Peacock" the theme of the night. Liu Yifei like film roles like fresh and refined, admission attracted foreign audience applause. This is the first time Liu Yifei nominated by the International Film Festival a nomination, it is a very important achievement of the performing arts on the road, Liu Yifei said: "I am honored to be selected, the future will continue to act as in the past." The movie "night Peacock" eventually won the "best film" award, is undoubtedly of all cast including Liu Yifei’s encouragement and recognition. Liu Yifei in the film not only shows the excellent French foundation, and the heroine brave, decisive, anxiety, loss and so most incisive interpretation of the mood, especially at the beginning of a piercing crying scene is impressive, many people are surprised at the amazing power Liu Yifei. At the end of the ceremony, President of the festival stage to speak when special thanks to Liu Yifei, said: "thank you Liu Yifei from afar, her participation in the film festival make great influence in Asia increased."相关的主题文章: