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SEO One of the best ways to advertise a small business is through local Internet marketing, but unfortunately many small business owners do not know the first thing about this method. A great deal of the work behind a local online marketing campaign will be similar to any other search engine optimization campaign; but instead of targeting potential customers around the nation it will target a specific geographic market. Geo-targeting takes a unique set of methods and a certain level of expertise, though. This is why online marketing consultants like Danny DeMichele do what they do most business owners, whether they own a large multinational corporation or a small local business, do not have the time or the knowledge to put together an online advertising campaign that works. The first step to promoting a small business on the Internet is, of course, building the web site itself. This doesnt need to be anything fancy, but it does need to be built in such a way that it is search engine friendly, meaning that the search engines can pick up the content on all the pages so they can see if it is relevant to what people are looking for. A local online marketing consultant such as Danny DeMichele, who is based in the Southern California area but has helped people with local marketing campaigns all over the nation, can look through a site and make sure it is set up correctly. Then the work of optimizing the site for the search engines can begin. Local Internet marketing campaigns, just like national ones, focus on specific keywords that people will likely use when they are searching for the types of goods and/or services that the client sells. But the keywords and key phrases used for a local marketing campaign will have geo-specific words included. So if the web site offers plumbing services in the Seattle area, for example, they would use keywords such as Seattle plumbing services and Ta.a plumbers rather than just plumbing services and plumbers. There are also techniques that can be used to place ads for the web site on pages that people are viewing based on their geographic location. Local directories are very helpful as well. With the help of a good local Inter. marketing consultant, any small business owner can target their local market using the power of the World Wide Web. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: