Love can go to the end, probably do these 5 things

Love can go in the end, probably do these 5 things concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: the heart of the help I have no way of knowing, why people fall in love with another person, I guess maybe our hearts have a gap, it is an empty, angrily to the soul filled with cold, so we urgently need a shape of heart to fill on it, even if you are the sun is round as perfect, but the gap in my heart, maybe it is a crooked zigzag, so you can not fill. By Maugham in the eyes of love, is pure Maugham. For many people, love is like a pillar of life, meet the moment of true love, your heart is filled, your soul is watered, your life is full of temperature and color. So the West called their other half as "soulmate", translated into soul mate. Bestie Iverson is a love of the girl, and I love the view like, this is one of the reasons we talked to. Sometimes she will come to my place, we open a bottle of red wine, while chatting while drinking Tucao, sometimes Tucao predecessor, sometimes it is to vent dissatisfaction with the incumbent. "I find my love is not long, you find? Like Zhang XX, Wang XX, Lee XX, are no more than a year on the end, ah, you say this is why ah? When I started I love each other, each other loves me, but then how to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled feeling?" I asked you in a recent chat. I wanted to think, said with a smile: because love and love is not the same thing". Love is a kind of attraction, a primitive instinct, is the smell of fit each other gene, is a kind of emotion; love is a kind of relation, a long-term business, is to sow love in the time of the index on the horizontal axis, brewing fermentation, and finally led to a jar of mellow wine, indifferent but strong prolonged. Everyone has their own set of theoretical system, and from my personal point of view, we emphasize the "love" two words, because love is a relationship based on love. Therefore, I personally do not advocate the relationship without love, also do not advocate the marriage without love. For many people, marriage and love are not the same: marriage does not need to maintain love, marriage is more responsibility and affection. Although many people are so stubborn, but in real life, the divorce rate is more and more high. This contradictory phenomenon seems to support that, since ancient times, people are happy for the good love after all. This paper for Iverson, also to those who are still eager to love the people, who are eager to have a love affair or marriage full of people. If at this time, you are reading this passage and recognition of this paragraph, then I want to thank you for your love, thank you for yourself and the world to keep a gentle. So how do you maintain a healthy, long and dynamic relationship? In any human relationship, the interaction is on both sides, but the end result of the action is always on its own相关的主题文章: