Love hair inequality poster October 6th National Day Finale

"Love" made posters in October 6th last inequality National Archives love inequality concept poster white love concept poster yellow inequality Sina entertainment news before the film "love love suspense ethics" issued a yellow white inequality two concept poster, officially announced the scheduled October 6th release. This film directed by Tang Xu, written by Chen Jinhai, Shuai Chi assembled a [micro-blog], Gao Yang [micro-blog], Waise Lee [micro-blog], [micro-blog] Yan Danchen, Rui, Li Li, Zhou Xinyu and other stars starred in the film, will become this year the National Archives only suspense theme. Set file concept poster film side issued at the same time, minimalist design style and abstract symbols, simple and powerful rendering of the film quality and texture of suspense. A man involved in the case of fantastic plant peach film "love inequality" tells the story of a blind man and plants around the peach case story concept POSTER "invisible woman can’t touch male" slogan, which reveals the identity of their own film in the male and female characteristics, but also people on what would happen to a the strange story, why would be involved in peach case between them, full of boundless curiosity. While the exposure of the white concept poster, a beautiful silhouette perched on top of a tree trunk, behind the branches hung a red apple, full of Tousijinguo suggestive meaning; while in the Yellow concept poster, Q version of the male and female body cleverly composed "alone" inequality of mathematical symbols, the same people on the relationship between two people’s sense of curiosity. Do not fight Yan value of the "best fit" star spell acting is the use of small meat and idol in the matter of love, action or fantasy, such as various types of epic films, instead of acting to Yan film market value, the movie "love" has enabled the inequality of power in order to send the cast, the actors themselves the state is the most suitable for the role itself. It is the first time as a vegetable, challenge the whole "motionless" task performance of Shuai Chi, or before starting to take a long time to experience a daily life of Gao Yang, even the audience was hailed as the Hongkong film 20 years since the "first villain", the old drama of bone Waise Lee, all in this movie through their respective roles, given the powerful characters in the film should be fresh attitude and personality charm. Several other stars including Yan Danchen, Li Li, Xiu Rui, Zhou Xinyu, also in the big fight of acting, so this set a number of powerful actor suspense drama, full of very many viewers to watch. The National Day finale may be extraordinary story of suspense film "love" the most unexpected inequality concerns mangnv and male plants involved in peach case, in recent years is rare in Chinese film and film theme, fusion of suspense, love, crime, ethics and other commercial elements of the type, but also attracted many viewers curious. Before there are like "listen to the wind", "massage" the blind man as the protagonist of the Chinese film released in the mainland, while in the vegetative state of the life attention in the film, Almodovar’s "talk to her" the most impressive. But the love inequality.相关的主题文章: