Magic will soon be used ar game Harry go Potter is coming liuxiaobo

Magic immediately use the AR game Harry Go to come with foreign media said that the current Niantic company is likely to be in the development of the "Harry GO" augmented reality of the last stage of the game. At present, because the Internet is full of rumors and speculation, so Harry fans are eager to know whether in 2017, Niantic will release GO Pokemon (Pokemon GO) game. It is reported that, Niantic has been awarded the Harry GO (Harry Potter GO) the right to play the game, and the company also said it would strive to develop the game, to ensure the smooth development of its. Although Harry Porter GO "GO" Pokemon game makes the game player in the augmented reality environment settings can be used in PokeBalls and PokeStops, but the "Harry Potter" the game will make the game player can be immersed in the world of magic. When nearly more than 40000 Harry Porter fans signed a petition to Niantic as "GO" Pokemon game online as a "Harry Potter GO" game, the company has not issued an official statement too much, just for the fans feel quite shocked by the overwhelming response. No matter who is finally obtained the "Harry Potter" GO game privilege, million dollar contract between all will have to consider with Warner Bros. and J.K Rowling. The day before, the two companies are also considering a Sony Corp, Niantic company, EA company and Supercell company submitted the relevant proposals. However, with the release of the "Fantastic Beasts" game, the current situation seems to be that Niantic will be superior to other companies, and the first to get the game’s R & D privileges. When the "Harry Potter" around the GO game started speculation, Niantic company has been busy in the hands of "Pokemon GO" game, and I don’t have much time to participate in the "Harry Potter" game of speculation among GO. The game is currently in the mobile game series is the most popular game, Niantic company said that if the company has the right to development of the game, the company will be in the first quarter of 2017 the release of "Harry Potter GO" game.相关的主题文章: