Man beaten woods obscene lone female captured claiming to hate women barcarolle

Man beaten woods obscene lone female captured claiming to hate women recently in Chaoyang District Wangjing near the subway station, more than the lone woman said, when passing through the subway station near the woods was a strange man molested and beaten. One of the victims of Ms. Wang said she was in the gym after a man molested and beaten on the head, she shouted for help to scare away the man. She immediately after the police call for help. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter learned from the Chaoyang police, the man was detained according to law Chaoyang police. Incident: Fitness home was molested assault yesterday, Ms. Wang’s head injury has not healed. Speaking last week was obscene things, she is still a lingering fear. "At about 9 in the evening, I went out of the gym at a nearby gym and walked alone to the Wangjing subway station. There’s no street lights, and a little forest." She said, because often go this way, she did not feel afraid, while listening to a song while micro letter. "All of a sudden, there’s a man clinging to me from behind." Ms. Wang said that at first she did not think it was bad. "I met my three male colleagues in the gym that night. When I left, they were about to leave, so I thought I was a colleague. But the man began to touch my chest." Ms. Wang said he had just turned back, was hit by the man behind the head. "I was seeing stars, struggled and begged the man don’t hit me, but he didn’t say a word, I have been playing." Ms. Wang said that when she started to call for help, the man hit her on the ground and hit her head with a metal object. "I feel like I’m bleeding. I’ve got a pain in my head. I do not know how long after that, the man may be afraid, and threw me out there running. I only see his body fat, wearing a hat." Ms. Wang said he struggled to sit up, took out the phone alarm. "The man didn’t grab my stuff, and he’s been pinching me. I think he should be a pervert." Arrest: man wandering alone questioned loumajiao Beijing morning news reporter learned recently in Wangjing, near the subway station was molested women not Ms. Wang people. These victims are the lone female, molested and beaten by men. It is understood that, after Ms. Wang alarm, the police immediately deployed in the vicinity of the patrol police to the scene to investigate. Around the visit, a suspicious man attracted the attention of the police. A man wandering alone in the woods, the police questioned him, the man was guilty. Reporters from the surveillance video to see a man about thirty or forty years old, plump, wearing a pair of glasses, wearing a hat. Under questioning by the police, the man confessed to molesting and beating the fact that Ms. wang. He confessed that he lived in the family to spend a few days, has been in the woods near the lone woman looking for harassment. Because she was very upset to hear the woman for help, they beat. In addition, the man also confessed, when he was a child because the mother derailed in the family breakdown, then began to hate women. Currently, the man was arrested by the police because of criminal detention. The case is being further processed.相关的主题文章: