Man in the street with a knife stabbed woman crossing BMW car to hit all the passers-by murderer

Man in the street with a knife stabbed woman crossing BMW car to hit all the passers-by capture the assailant was to control the police arrived at the scene processing men attack, leaving a trail of blood. Attack the man, leaving a trail of blood. Nandu news reporter Li Yakun   10:13 on September 17, 2016, Castle Peak Road jinluanfuzhong restaurant door a man with a pair of scissors. It is reported that a 33 year old man with scissors will be a woman to buy a woman stabbed to the age of 50, there are multiple wounds on the body, was sent to Nanshan hospital for treatment, there is no risk of life. The case is under further investigation. A witness said, the man was crying all the way to kill, chase the woman, even the woman shouted for help. After running more than and 20 meters, the woman fell to the ground, the man continued to stab the woman. According to him, when there are a lot of people around to help, but the man stabbed scissors rushed to the crowd. A passing car BMW will run down the road, the man knocked to the ground, the surrounding people are seeing this, came to him. The police also confirmed that there is a passing car BMW the assailant knocked down. Ms. Mok is currently injured in Nanshan people’s Hospital for treatment. The doctor said the risk of cervical artery was punctured, at present there is no danger. Ms. Mok has done a lot of years in Shenzhen relatives nanny, relatives said she was very kind and very good. Ms. Mok’s relatives said that the injured MS mo after conscious, tell them not acquainted with the assailant, she was shopping on the road suddenly suffered its attack, a knife stabbed in the eyes, she turned away by the other party will continue to chase thorn. Later, relatives learned from the police station, the assailant is a local property company security.相关的主题文章: