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[Manchester] is going to win the Premier League live Shenyong "fort" home court – Sohu or sports: 15815960000 15815961111 Gu wave through Saturday night, the Premier League to start the eleventh round of the contest, the Manchester City will be home court against middlesbrough. Out of the predicament of Manchester firepower, they made two consecutive victories in all competitions and scored 7 goals, including the battle of Champions League group stage defeat the super teams Theron took over Manchester City, that is the service home court Middlesbrough continuation of the strong is not a problem. [tonight 23:00 octopus TV Foshan brothers real live] for Manchester City fans, home team recently achieved two wins in all competitions to make them ecstatic, especially the Manchester City in the week in the Champions League Cup group match 3 to 1 victory over the super team Theron took, the game is the team this season most 1 victory wonderful. Manchester City have been able to retrieve your team style from before the downturn, the main hero must be the last 2 by scoring 4 goals in all competitions of the midfielder root Du Jane, he and David Swarovski co host the midfield care has become the main arranged in good order, the former guy Dior take his love. But it should be noted that the city is currently the top of the Premier League position is not stable, and their biggest 4 part behind the title just 3 points, the team must continue to grab points to keep the top position. Fortunately, Manchester in recent two wins in all competitions during the Pep Guardiola by the layout of the front high press tactics is very effective, a total of 2 games and scored 7 goals of. The face of home court promoted Du Shi Bao Mami, believe dibni, agero and other key players will root Du Jane well continue to coach’s tactics, and bring to the team to victory. Lineup, defender, midfielder Sagna dyfi and Fernando Austin slave were injured truce. Midu, Shi Bao League also win only decadent, they defeated A.F.C. Bournemouth in the ratio of 2 to 0, 7 consecutive rounds of league games would thus sweep before. But it should be pointed out that, although the array has negore degree of offensive players, but the players have not completely produce chemical reaction, because Middlesbrough are currently only 0.9 field goals, the goal is clearly not ideal digital. In addition, as one of the newly promoted this season in the Premier League, has been for a long time without Middlesbrough overall strength than this battle rivals Manchester City is much worse, to know the current out of this aocai game disc for Middlesbrough the two ball, they are clearly not optimistic about the party, Midu and Shi Bao so far there are 10 league zhanba lost 5 times, they are afraid to lose lose service at play. (the above analysis for the media preliminary opinions, to confuse the wave through in the evening at night, on a share, please call: 15815960000 or 15815961111 consulting): 15815960000 or 15815961111 by Gu wave [premier] car "Hua Yingbo Raiders"? Easy on the same day, Chelsea and Everton will compete in the Stan Stadium at Stamford bridge. The last round of League Everton just to win track, the team state remains to be seen whether to pick up, the recent joint challenge相关的主题文章: