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Real-Estate The term Marathahalli has came into existence after a fighter aircraft named Marut had an accident in this area and Halli in Kannada means village. Until the late 1990s, Marathahalli was a calm village in the outskirts of Bangalore. But the scenario has changed now due to its IT influences in the recent years. When an area sees an IT boom, its quite normal to see some Apartments, Mall, Multiplexes, Restaurants have rose up and some roads, flyovers etc constructed for easy navigation, so is the case of Marathahalli also. Marathahalli is connected through Outer ring road, HAL old airport road, old madras road and white field road. Many malls have opened up in this locality with one innovative multiplex, Bangalores first multiplex. The other effect of the IT boom is that the real estate in Marathahalli has taken its upturn. In 90s there wasnt any buildings, roads, etc. But after the IT boom mainly in ITPL and outer ring road Tech parks has changed its facet. The Current land rate in Marathahalli is around Rs 2000 – 3000 per sqft where in some 10 yrs back it was village and nobody was buying. As the IT company people came in thick and fast, lot of Real estate project have been erected on outer ring road mainly by Sobha Builders and Devlopers and Mantri Builders. Here are the some projects which are completed near marathahalli area:- Purva riviera, Purva fountain square, Rohan Vasantha, Sobha buildings, Mantri buildings, Paramount, Shriram Samruddhi, Prestige projects. Projects which are coming up:- Ozone groups, Salarpuria, Mahaveer, Nitesh estate, Confident and Skyline. All the A grade builders price their projects at Rs 3000 – Rs 3500 per sqft and B grade builders price it at Rs 2500-3000 per sqft and the C grade builders price it at Rs 2000-2500 per sqft. So if someone is looking for a 2 bhk apartment with 1000-1200 sqft in the budget of 25l to 30l they have to go for C grade builders properties, for 35l-45l budget they can go for B grade builders and for above 50l budget they can go for A grade builder. There lots of properties available at 25l -35l in this IT hub namely at Kundanhalli, outer ring road area, AECS layout and proper Marathahalli area. This recession days, it is the perfect time to buy a property here or anywhere of the matter, since even the A grade builders properties rates have dropped down. The A grade builder, Prestige groups properties were available at 40l for some time but now it has increased to 45l as the recession is getting dried up, but even now it is worth to invest as the price is expected to grow upto 50l in some months itself. Land rate in marathalli starts from Rs 2000 per sqft in interior. On main road it will be Rs 3500 per sqft. During September to November the rate has increased by Rs 300-400 per sqft and it is expected to increase by Rs 600-700 per sqft by march 2010. In future we can see a huge growth in this locality as there are many more companies going to come up in this locality because of the geographical location of Marathahalli, as it is situated between ITPL and Indiranagar and connected to outer ring road and old madras road. So this is the ideal time to cash in by investing in Marathahallis real estate As more and more people come to Marathahalli it is facing water shortage in some patches mainly near Marathahalli circle. So before investing in a property, you have to check whether the area has water problem or any other issues. Not sure whom should you approach to clarify on these kinds of issues, you can avail legal advices and property valuation services from, they will help you to make your investments worth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: