Market dull new base in Baode, China Everbright fund to sell drugs vidown

Market dull new base in Baode, China Everbright fund to sell drugs? China Economic Net Beijing September 20th (reporter Zhang Jie) in the first half of the year in September, the stock index showed a downward trend, the current 3000 point line has been precarious, but the pace of public offering of funds to stop new hair is not stagnant. Statistics from the wind information shows that as of September 18th, the year has not set up a new fund company only 9, respectively, Jiahe fund, Dacheng Fund gold fund, fund of Great Britain, Yuan Shun Ann Yimin fund, Hongta clay fund, CDB Pacific Fund, Hua Chen future fund Pacific fund. Of course, some fund companies use the remaining months of this year, the frequent fund. For example, China Everbright Baode trust fund, China economic net reporter noted that the company since August has been issued to set up three funds. Everbright Baode letter intended? Statistics from the wind information, Everbright Baode trust was established in 2004 April 22nd, the registered capital of 160 million, founded by Chinese Everbright Holdings Everbright Securities Limited by Share Ltd and the Baode letter Financial Group Baode letter Cci Capital Ltd. Everbright Securities and Baode letter Cci Capital Ltd held 55% stake in Everbright Baode letter and a share of 45%. At present, the fund’s asset size of 35 billion 267 million yuan, the company has a total of 15 fund managers, but the average working years of fund managers is only about 1.84 years. From the issue of new funds, the 2015 full year Everbright Baode letter fund issued nearly two digits of the new fund, taking into account the relative strength of the capital market in the first half of last year, this level is basically normal. But in the first half of this year, China Everbright Baode trust fund was established in February, only a new fund Everbright style wheel, and after about half a year’s time, Baode Everbright fund has not issued a new letter of fund products. Until August of this year, China Everbright Baode letter also set up two new funds Everbright Yongxin grading and Everbright Jixin classification; but after less than half a month, the company has set up a new fund of China Everbright Hengli pure debt, it is worth noting that the fund had established 200 million barely raised the hub. Fund Manager Yang Yechao also had earlier established Everbright Yongxin grading fund manager. Interestingly, less than half a month later, the Baode Everbright Fund issued a new fund. September 13th, the company announced the launch of the new fund’s new impetus to the establishment of the industry, the announcement shows that the fund since the beginning of August 15, 2016, to stop raising in September 9, 2016. At present, raising the total number of valid subscription for 6357 households, raising net subscription amount of nearly 960 million yuan. During the recruitment period, the fund manager’s employees to subscribe for 3 million 20 thousand shares of the fund. In this regard, questioned an investor, China Everbright fund in nearly 6 months without a base, during which the stock market appeared a wave of significant rally, and the recent stock like shock downward trend, in August and September the fund whether intensive time? Moreover, the new power industry Everbright fund manager Tian Dawei had kept Everbright quantitative core quantitative thinking to hailun active mixed base!相关的主题文章: