Maruti Suzuki A Star Vxi

Automobiles India comes home in a Maruti is the tag line of the latest advertisement going on air for Maruti cars. Truly enough, Maruti in collaboration with Suzuki has been giving out a number of cars made for the average Indian customer aspiring for an efficient, family vehicle. The A Star is the latest launch from the house of Maruti Suzuki keeping up with their trend of providing competitive vehicles at reasonable prices. It is a hatchback, fuel efficient family car and comes in three variants- the A Star Lxi, A Star Vxi and the A Star Zxi. The Lxi is the lower end model while the Zxi is the higher end one. The Vxi naturally, is the medium price model with balanced features and technology. Technology that it Runs On Maruti has promoted the new 12 valve, 3 cylinder 998cc DOHC KB series petrol engine as the USP of the A Star. Now, what does a DOHC engine do to become the USP of a car? Well, without getting into the nitty gritties, the only good thing to know about a DOHC or Double Over Head Cam engine is that due to its technology and make, it can produce more horse powers in an engine of smaller volume also- thereby giving better efficiency. The maximum fuel capacity of the car is 35 liters and it gives a city average of 14.00 kmpl and that of 19.00 kmpl on the highway. The A Star also gives a reason to rejoice for all the environment lovers (that should ideally mean all of us!) by being Euro 5 compliant and claiming to have minimum carbon di oxide emissions. The car also promises to have a recyclability of components due to a novel End of Life Vehicle (ELV) concept installed in it. Star Features The A Star Vxi is a lower to medium budget family car and thus provides relative features. It is a 5 seater car that comes pre installed with an air conditioner, however without climate control. It also gives you the convenience of a remote controlled boot and fuel tank operation. The car also comes pre installed with a CD player and two speakers to save you from the hassle and expense of getting one installed after the purchase. Safety First The designers of A Star have also paid adequate attention to the safety details it seems. The car is designed with a Total Effective Control Technology or TECT that claims enhanced safety of the occupants as the entire impact of an accident is absorbed by the crushable structure. There is also the regular ABS or Anti Lock Braking system and dual airbags to ensure the regular safety measures. Design Wise As far as looks and design is concerned the A Star has received a mixed bag of reactions. To some it may look like a toy, not-so-good-looking car however I personally feel that it is a stylishly designed, compact car which could be very easy to drive around and maneuver. You can take your pick from a total of nine eye catching colors. Overall Even though the A Star claims to be high on technology and safety measures, one can not ignore the fact that it is not really a car meant for people with tall or big built. Also, driving it at higher speeds will tell you that the car is not really meant for fast highway driving and is best suited in city driving conditions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: