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Mata won the Manchester United player of the year October winner helped the Reds win the Derby – Sports Sohu Mata won Manchester United player of the year October   November 3rd Beijing time evening news, Manchester United announced team player of the year October on its official website, the Reds midfielder Mata won the honor. Through the data statistics, as many as 90 thousand Reds fans in United’s official website and official twitter in the poll, which Mata won 44% of the vote, than his fellow countryman Herrera more than 198 votes, which won 43% of the vote. At the beginning of the season performance is very good, the Reds take three game winning streak in the league’s Premier League giants China, make many fans began to look forward to the Champions League trophy. But then Manchester fell into the trough, the tournament losing streak makes again in a madman in the teeth of the storm. After entering October, Manchester United gradually on the right track and in 6 games (4 League and 2 games in the Europa League) made 2 wins 3 flat 1 negative record. The Red Devils have draw with Storck City, Liverpool and Burnley, although Manchester United away was Chelsea 4-0 bloodbath, but later in the Carling Cup, Mourinho’s team 1-0 eliminated at Old Trafford rivals Manchester City victory, madman in season second "kuamut showdown in the team’s morale is greatly improved. But Mata in Manchester derby scored the only goal of the game, is a key player for the Reds can win. Mata has been a key player for Chelsea, 2014 winter window, the Spaniard to 37 million euros transfer fee to join Manchester united. After Mourinho to Old Trafford this summer, the media talk of Mata may once again been cleaning. But the Spanish midfielder with excellent performance proved himself perfectly fit Mourinho’s tactical system, and has become the best player in the game ". (Crocodile)相关的主题文章: