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Media: Apple Pay on the first day, did you tie it? – Sohu news, early in February 18th, everywhere Apple Pay formally launched the news. Mr. Huang opened the phone to see, his mobile phone application Wallet did not update the message, he said in the micro group, "I was injured."". Apple Pay on the first day should have a lot of "injured babies", some of them did not receive updates, some updates or can not bind the bank card, because the bank can not receive timely SMS verification, the card can not be activated. The most annoying is that the early update bind the bank card friends in the circle of friends or social network Slide Show, Slide Show also just, but also drying out the gold. This is clearly a premeditated Sun Fu movement. Apple official told reporters surging, because many users, batch push update, originally needed 18 days a day, I hope the user can patiently wait. Apple also suggested that if you want to bind a little earlier, you can change the area of iPhone settings into the United States, you can successfully bind the bank card. Surging news reporter 18 operation this way, successfully binding a bank card. In addition to Apple said, from the bank’s explanation is that because the number of application card too much, short message service system of the bank to verify the link in the delay system of this phenomenon and the bank does not have too big, or because Apple should take the strategy of delaying batch. It is reported that Apple Pay has been carried out on the line before the deduction, there are emergency plans, but the actual situation is that users rush to apply, many do not have the first time bound baby feel injured. At present, apple and UnionPay have not yet come out to respond to Chinese users’ support for Apple Pay. But on the first day, Chinese users are clearly more enthusiastic than apple and unionpay. The reason, one is China users in Alipay and WeChat education are already familiar with mobile phone payment; on the other hand, apple Apple Pay and UnionPay both endorsement won the trust of users. However, most fruit powder is bound to the Apple Pay, if in the actual use of the process is not satisfactory, the user will be greatly overdrawn enthusiasm, like many of the store can not use Apple Pay, but Alipay and WeChat paid users will return to smoothly, then the two rivals. Some people say that Apple Pay into China, to rob the apple. Yes, apple does charge a certain amount of commission from each transaction, but the smile behind it is UnionPay and many Chinese banks. Micro payment UnionPay has layout for many years, but has always been Alipay and WeChat pressing play, play until the "Apple Pay" card. UnionPay system NFC and Alipay, WeChat payment scan code is paid two standard for Alibaba and Tencent by virtue of the China user understanding and excellent marketing ability, short time occupy most of the market, and promote the years of UnionPay UnionPay flash pay to not much.

媒体:Apple Pay上线第一天,你绑上没?-搜狐新闻  2月18日一早,到处是Apple Pay正式上线的消息。   黄先生打开手机一看,自己的手机应用Wallet却没有更新消息,他在微群里悠悠地说:“我受伤了”。   Apple Pay第一天上线应该有很多“受伤的宝宝们”,他们有的没有收到更新,有的更新了还是无法绑定银行卡,原因是无法及时收到银行发出的短信验证,卡片无法激活。   最可气的是那些早早更新绑定了银行卡的朋友们在朋友圈或社交网络晒图,晒图也就罢了,还晒出了金卡。这这分明是一场蓄谋已久的晒富运动。   苹果官方对澎湃新闻记者表示,由于用户多,分批次推送更新,原本就需要18日一整天时间,希望用户能够耐心等待。苹果有关人士还建议,如果实在想早一点绑定,可以把iPhone设置里面的地区改成美国,就可以顺利绑定银行卡了。澎湃新闻记者18日这样操作,成功绑定了一张银行卡。   除了苹果说的原因,来自银行方面的解释是,由于申请绑卡的数量太多,验证环节中银行的短信服务系统有所延迟,这一现象和银行的系统没有太大关联,还是因为苹果方面要采取延缓分批的策略。   据悉,Apple Pay在上线之前已经进行了推演,也有应急方案,但实际情况就是用户一窝蜂申请,很多没有第一时间绑定的“宝宝”感到受伤。   目前苹果和银联都还没有出来回应中国用户对Apple Pay的支持度。不过从第一天的情况看,中国用户显然比苹果和银联想象的更为热情。究其原因,一方面是中国用户在支付宝和微信教育下已经很熟悉手机支付;另一方面也是苹果和银联双方为Apple Pay背书赢得了用户的信任。   不过,大部分果粉绑定了Apple Pay之后,如果在实际使用过程中不满意,将会大大透支用户的热情,比如很多实体店无法使用Apple Pay,但是支付宝和微信支付畅通无阻,那么用户将会回流至两家竞争对手。   有人说,Apple Pay入华,苹果来抢钱了。不错,苹果的确会从每笔交易中收取一定额度的佣金,但是站在背后笑的是银联以及众多中资银行。小额支付银联已经布局了多年,无奈始终被支付宝和微信压着打,直到打出“Apple Pay”这张牌。   银联系统的NFC支付和支付宝、微信扫码支付是两种制式之争,阿里巴巴和腾讯凭借对中国用户的了解和过人的营销能力,短时间内抢占了绝大部分市场,而银联推广多年的银联闪付去没多少人知道。   这次是苹果Apple Pay,接下来将是三星Pay、华为Pay等手机企业加入银联阵营,来共同对抗支付宝和微信支付。来自三星的消息称,2月24日开始公开测试三星Pay。   但先期用户的热情一定要保护,18日很多用户兴冲冲尝试Apple Pay埋单,但是很多店铺依然不支持,也有用户反映由于各家银行卡的要求不同,在Apple Pay支持过程中还需要输入密码等,不太方便。   另外,很多用户问既然苹果是全球跨国公司,那么中国用户Apple Pay可以到美国购物吗?答案是中国用户的Apple Pay只能到银联闪付的POS机上刷卡,如果美国商家也采用银联闪付POS机,就是可以的;万事达和Visa的POS机不支持中国用户的Apple Pay。相关的主题文章: