Men’s subway station squatting a few minutes toilet 8600 yuan tuition did not (video)-vy canis majoris

Men’s subway station a few minutes squat toilet 8600 yuan tuition not in the subway squat toilets in just a few minutes, turn the table, behind the bag actually disappeared. Recently, the track branch in one fell swoop two young men arrested. Two men in the subway toilet crime from the five or six. In August 30th, Mr. Gao Wuhan to send their children to University police said more than 3 points in the afternoon, he took the bag into the No. 2 line guangbutun station on the toilet, the toilet behind the counter and got the bag was found missing. The police track Street police station by monitoring, found in Mr. Gao before, there are two young men went into the toilet, after a while, two young men carrying a bag and ran out of the subway mouth. Police quickly determined that two young men are suspects. Two people ran out from the mouth of A, disappeared in the grass wall of China Normal university. 12 o’clock in the evening, the police found in the grass of Mr. Gao’s backpack, which was stolen $8300 in cash, documents and other items inside the package was thrown in the grass. The video track, two young people living in the small hotel in wansongyuan community. On the morning of September 6th, the police visited, residents recognize the two suspects, until noon, two people just out of the community, was arrested by the police on the spot. After investigation, the suspect 24 year old Wang Xiangyang, a former pickpocket. A 17 year old suspect to Chongqing, is an orphan, living together and aunt. A month ago, the two met at the rink. Because two people are unemployed, and idle, hit it off. Later learned that the subway toilet is a good theft, so the two decided to join hands. To a high responsible for hands-on, Wang. A month, the subway toilet five or six consecutive crimes. Currently verified by the police there are three: July 27th, Qingnian Road station, a male passenger Apple Computer and $1900 in cash stolen. August 3rd, guangbutun station, a male passenger bag stolen, suspect stole 150 yuan, then the bag lost in the China division of an abandoned mailbox. In August 30th, Mr. Gao’s son was stolen. A month ago, the two will steal the bar, Internet cafes, KTV and other squandered, no money and continue to commit crimes. Currently, two people have been under criminal detention. Police advise passengers on the toilet, we should pay special attention to their bags. At the same time, they will be recommended to the relevant departments of the subway property, the subway toilet compartment between the baffle reinforcement, so that the thief nowhere to start. At the same time, it is recommended to install the hook on the door, the convenience of the public toilet bag. (reporter correspondent Lin Jing Zhang Zuhua) Shandong girl cheated 9900 yuan tuition light suddenly fainting death相关的主题文章: