Mercedes Benz to create new products Mercedes GP will participate in the formula e- Sohu roxane hayward

Create a new Mercedes Mercedes GP products will participate in the Formula E- auto Sohu just last week announced a new electric car brand Mercedes Benz EQ, for the development of publicity and technology is not the same as the precipitation method. In October 4th, Mercedes GP (MGP) and electric FIA Formula One (Formula E) signed a cooperation, Mercedes GP will participate in the fifth season in formula one motor. "We are pleased to confirm that MGP has won two place in the Formula E season of the year," said." Electric FIA Formula CEO Agag (Alejandro Agag) said: "Formula E is committed to becoming the new test and development technology of vehicle enterprises push the new front platform." Mercedes GP team was formerly led by the · of Ross; the team led by the of the. Brown was founded in March 6, 2009, formerly known as Honda (Honda Racing F1 Team). The Brown team in the first year of competition, the team won the champion rider. November 17, 2009, Mercedes – Mercedes Benz announced the acquisition of 75.1% stake in the team, the team changed its name to the "grand prix team" (Mercedes Benz grand prix team). The new team is still led by Ross ·. In September 29th, Mercedes Benz announced at the Paris auto show, based on "intelligence and emotion" of the core concept, Mercedes Benz will field pure electric vehicle platform and a new smart brand named EQ. And announced the first production car is expected to be listed in 2020, its mileage up to 310 miles (about 499 km). 0-100km h acceleration time of not more than 5 seconds. According to the plan, the Mercedes Benz EQ platform will be the birth of 10 electric drive products, by 2025, its sales to achieve the total sales of Mercedes Benz 15 ~ 25%. Formula E and F1, belong to the FIA (FIA) host, belonging to the current international top racing events. The car is powered by electricity. It represents the future direction of the development of the automotive industry, focusing on energy, environment and entertainment three core promotion and development, can play a role in accelerating the development of electric vehicles. The inaugural event in September 2014 in Beijing, starting from the second session, Wei car began sponsoring the dragon team, and in October 6th of this year, LETV announced that it’s Faraday’s future won the dragon team sponsorship.相关的主题文章: