Mianchi men see friends 2400 yuan stolen police trace arrested-yuria

Mianchi men see friends 2400 yuan stolen police trace arrested Dahe River · client reporter Fang Lin correspondent Duan Huafeng Ventura about a friend to the hotel to meet the net, but do not want to take advantage of a friend bathing machine, stole 2400 yuan in cash to its carry after absconding. Recently, the Mianchi police by multi department cooperation, through the line tracking, rushed to Zhengzhou will houmou captured, and the law to criminal detention. November 7th morning, Sanmenxia Mianchi County Public Security Bureau 110 command center received the alarm surnamed Xu, said the stolen cash 2400 yuan. After the alarm, Interpol six squadrons and combined operations center joint investigation on the case. Police investigators learned that the investigation, Xu hometown in Xinyang, currently working in a company in Mianchi. Not long ago on the Internet to know a man from Mianchi Hou, chat very speculative. The afternoon of November 6th, the two agreed to meet in Mianchi Yangshao street hotel. After chatting for a while, Xu entered the bathroom shower. Don’t want to wait for the washing out, they found a symptom disappeared, 2400 yuan in cash in his pocket also take wings to itself. To understand the situation, the police through the transfer of the hotel surveillance, found a designate 6 pm to 16:48 PM to 17:40 PM Hotel, left the hotel in a hurry, then hit a taxi to leave. Police tracked through the line, eventually went to Zhengzhou on the evening of 7 suspects arrested hou. After the trial, houmou confessed to the theft. Originally, the 27 year old Hou Xu met online, two people meet in a hotel in Mianchi. The afternoon of November 6th, while Xu in the hotel in the bathing machine, 2400 yuan stolen away houmou its pocket, and then fled to Zhengzhou. Not wanted by the police chase through the line arrest. Hou suspicion of theft crime, the public security organs according to criminal detention. At present, the case is under further investigation. (River client)相关的主题文章: