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Software If you are looking for WMS (Warehouse Management System) or already have experience of its implementation complexity or even failure, we recommend you to review WMS options. If your Corporate ERP application is Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly also known as Great Plains Dynamics or eEnterprise), or another mid-market application, you typically have to choose WMS type. Two options are available External Stand Alone WMS with connectors to Dynamics GP and second one is WMS extensions. In order to decide on which type is preferred for you, we recommend you this small publication: 1.Integrated WMS Extensions for Dynamics GP. Here you should expect such pluses as first the lack of integration implementation, as system is already integrated and work out of Dynamics GP database with native GP documents (SOP Sales Order, POP Purchase Receipt, Inventory Transaction) and master records (item, customer, vendor, etc.). Second advantage is real time integration, which we incorporated into the header of this publication real time is often very important, especially for large inventory management companies and mid-size wholesalers and retailers, who need to provide instant merchandize availability inquiry for its warehouse floor workers and customer. The third advantage is the economy on the WMS software licenses cost, as you do not have to pay twice for similar functionality in External WMS, as integrated WMS extensions for Dynamics GP deploy native Great Plains logic for Supply Chain Management in Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing and Inventory Control modules 2.External WMS. Here you have the advantage of the very high level of installations of that type of the system (assuming that you are picking the leading software maker), where you see more advanced Warehouse Management, Logistics, Allocation and Order Fulfillment logic. However, expect some budget for this WMS to be integrated, where custom programming might be required. Sometimes customers have to reduce the level of integration between the Dynamics GP and External Warehouse Management System trying to cut unexpected integration cost, going over initial and even adjusted budget (such as do not integrate WMS Order Fulfillment to Great Pains and instead leave it completely in WMS and send GL transactions only to GP). We are inclined to favor Integrated WMS extensions and recommend them to our Dynamics GP customers 3.How to get more info? Please call us in USA: 1-866-528-0577 or internationally 1-630-961-5918 or email us [email protected] or even skype us albaspectum. We are comfortable in implementing SCM and WMS extensions not only in USA and Canada, but also on the international market. Our Microsoft Dynamics GP consultants speak Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Filipino, Russian, Portuguese. For International customers or multinational companies, expanding internationally please note that Dynamics GP is only localized in English speaking countries, plus in Arabic and in Spanish speaking Latin America (not in European Spain). If do not have concerns regarding localization and only need foreign language support for Dynamics GP there are language support add-ons, enabling GP in Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, German, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and more languages are in progress. If you need fully localized ERP systems for your foreign subsidiary, we recommend you to consider Dynamics AX Axapta for large facility and SAP Business One for smaller subsidiary About the Author: 相关的主题文章: