Military and civilian integration of science and Technology Innovation Exhibition is now the long ma didadi

The integration of military and civilian science and Technology Innovation Exhibition is the first "long eight" – Beijing, China News Agency, Xi’an, September 24 (reporter Zhang Su) in the demonstration phase of the "Long March eight" rocket is the first true. 2016 military and civilian integration technology innovation Expo 24 in Xi’an on the opening of "long eight" model and the "long five", "long eleven" model near, but its height, the configuration details have not been disclosed. China official "has guidelines for the implementation of China high-end equipment innovation project in August (2016 – 2020)", clearly put forward the "long eight" will be the main task for launching commercial satellites with international competitiveness, and will complete the research, first flew in 2020. Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group Hospital "long eleven" rocket commander Yang Yiqiang had said in an interview, "long eight" will be non-toxic and pollution-free medium-sized rocket, sun synchronous orbit carrying capacity will reach 3 tons to 4.5 tons. According to reports, the sun synchronous orbit refers to the time in the sun in the vicinity of the earth’s orbit. To put a satellite in sun synchronous orbit is more difficult, "three high": high precision orbit, orbit control precision, measurement and control of high difficulty. "The road of independent innovation of China’s space has experienced from scratch, from small to large, and now is a leap from big to strong." Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group president Li Hong hospital in Xi’an on 24 for the Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the association of Chinese invited report said. Li Hong said that the current construction of aerospace power, first of all need to face the world technological frontier, promote prospective, pioneering, disruptive technology development, such as a new generation launch vehicle development driven by high-end manufacturing and new materials, and promote the technology development of quantum communication, pulsar navigation, hybrid, RLV etc.. In order to enhance the future free access to spatial ability. Second, the need for the main battlefield of the national economy, including commercial space. Commercial space marks the space industry into a new era, to follow the laws of the market economy, the lower reaches of the industrial chain, to promote the development of high-end manufacturing, infrastructure and other industries." Li Hong said. Finally, the need for major national needs. Li Hong said that a new generation of launch vehicles on behalf of China’s access to space, space transfer and space maintenance capabilities, will support manned space, lunar exploration, the two generation navigation, Mars exploration and other tasks on schedule. Li Hong said that the future will China space with major projects as a platform to continue to play the advantages of collaboration, with more rapid, more integrated, more innovative attitude to basic research and development strategy of traction, absorb advanced technology. (end)相关的主题文章: