Mo Yan said Dunhuang’s change and

Mo Yan said that Dunhuang’s "changing and unchanging" – Beijing, China News Agency, Gansu September 21 Dunhuang Xinhua (reporter South Zhuoma) "28 years, change is very large, the city of Dunhuang has changed, the environment has also changed, but no change in Dunhuang’s art." Recently, Mo Yan visited Dunhuang second times, in the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Fair forum keynote speech about the "perception of Dunhuang". He said, to see the rise of fair logo (logo) — two colored silk, cross a big step running, look relaxed and happy. This person should be run to the west, in line with the direction of the Chinese people since the reform and opening up to the west to learn science and technology, management, etc.. In another direction, this person is running towards the East, so that all the blend is two-way." Mo Yan said that the Silk Road through the East and West is the road of civilization, learn from each other. "The silk road was nothing more than the transportation of our best things to each other, and with the economic exchanges, there was a cultural blend." Mo Yan stressed that the fundamental purpose of cultural exchange is "innovation", while the scientific progress, but in some places it than our ancestors, as we can then restore the dug in Mogao Grottoes on the artists mind have such wonderful how cultural combination. Mo Yan said that the cultural elements of Mogao Grottoes, there are Islamic, Buddhist culture, etc.. He believes that the creator will open hole cave culture as "the imagination foundation", finally together cultivate the culture of Dunhuang, "this exchange will produce progress and innovation". "We lamented that our ancestors left us with such a splendid cultural treasure house, and one thousand years later, what are we left behind? What should we answer? We are well preserved in Dunhuang culture. But what have we created?" "Innovation is to take other people’s long, make up their own short, Dunhuang culture is a reflection of the Chinese and Western culture and the integration of confrontation." Mo Yan said, the Silk Road to reach the final purpose is to "exchange and collision", the innovation of new culture, new works of art, so that we in the hundred years, after thousands of years, worthy of future generations. (end)相关的主题文章: