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Site-Promotion Terms of Alexa The last several terms of Alexa are as follows. As a professional Alexa service provider, we know learning this sort of knowledge helps one understand how Alexa system works and further helps him boost Alexa rank accordingly. For web masters who want to achieve an expected rank in Alexa ranking system, this is important. Dmoz Cate Dmoz is a collection of human-edited directories, working for providing results or data for search engines, so the web site that gets recorded can obtain good rankings on those search engines, which means a lot more benefit than that is from Dmoz alone. But it is hard for a site to be collected; it may take more than one year for some sites to get approved. Reach Rank This an important reference data for Traffic Rank, telling the rank in accordance with the number of people that visit a web site. One Alexa toolbar user is counted as one reach, and multiple visits of one user is counted as one reach, too. Daily Reach Daily Reach suggests the number of IPs that visit a web site. Multiple computers that share only one IP in a local area network will be counted as one reach. Daily PV As the name suggests, Daily PV (Daily PageView) indicates the page view of a web site. Every time the page is refreshed or visited, it will be counted as one PV. As you know, to share the Alexa rank benefit, you need to install the Alexa toolbar first and then a lot of ways may help you increase Alexa rank, such as putting an Alexa rank widget on your blog so that every click on it will be counted as a visit even if the clicker does not have the Alexa toolbar, and providing some webmaster tools on your blog to attract more regular visiting webmasters. However, many people complain that they do not have enough friends or visitors with Alexa Toolbar installed. It is annoying to write and promote relevant blogs or posts to get traffic. And it often turns out to be a big budget for hiring forum posters or buying banners or advertisements, etc. Then, to boost Alexa rank , simply come to for professional services. Of course it should be stable, safe and effect-guaranteed. Possessing a strong technical team and many years of Alexa ranking service experience, .improvealexaranking.. provides Alexa ranking optimization services for thousands of websites along with all the Alexa development as its algorithm and toolbar system are continuously upgraded. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: