Nanjing, an old man walked along more than and 40 express parcels to take away the carton thrown goo

Nanjing an old man walking along the more than and 40 express parcel removed away goods Modern Express News box (correspondent Qin Gongxuan Ding Xiaomeng reporter Tao Weizhou) recently, Nanjing express distribution center stolen more than and 40 express parcel, and the police find people after they discovered that her goal is not wrapped in property, but the packing box. Originally, this is an old man living alone, although the money is not bad, but in order to pass the time, she was infected with the collection box "mania". November 21st afternoon, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau Qinhuai branch of Confucius Temple police service station received the alarm, a courier company said the loss of more than and 40 courier parcels. Prior to the incident, the courier at the door unloading goods, turned back to the office to find a registration form. In this short span of less than ten minutes, the courier parcel on a few dozen. Police found the distribution point is remote. The distribution point is opposite a waste recycling station, there is a scavenging granny grey-haired door. See the police, the elderly eyes Dodge, want to ride a tricycle to leave. A bulging snakeskin bag her car attracted police attention. Police stepped forward to ask, the old lady said he was more than and 80 years old, living in the vicinity, the car is loaded with a pile of waste paper boxes she picked up, paper bags. The police swept one eye, found the car neatly stacked with several open flat carton box above the waybill no tear. After further inspection, police found the stolen express parcel in the old car in the snakeskin bag. Faced with the evidence, the old man told the truth. She said that he did not want to get a courier package, just fancy the package box. Sure enough, under the guidance of the elderly, the police found the parcel in the vicinity of the trash. Courier company staff said that the elderly often take them here to scrap the carton. The surrounding residents reflect the old man, every day picking up, has been for several years. Usually she saw the door of which there is a paper bag, as far as possible to take away. The old man said that he is not bad money, garbage collection is only a hobby". It turned out that the old man’s wife walked early, although there are 4 children, but she did not live with their children. Usually in order to pass the time, came out to pick up some scrap. With more and more of the old man should pick up the box, with the box "habit", see a favorite paper box, could not help but shot. Police hope that the elderly children can go home to see the elderly. In this regard, the sons and daughters of the elderly have said that the future will be more concerned about the mother.相关的主题文章: