National exam enrollment 1 million 338 thousand nearly the highest historical value higher than last

National examination registration 1 million 338 thousand nearly the highest historical value higher than last year, yesterday, at 18, after a period of 10 days of registration, the national civil service exam enrollment ended in 2017, the end of. The reporter learned from the public education, statistics show that as of the day at 17:30, 2017 national examination registration audit by the 1338698 people, compared with 1283777 last year by more than 5.4 people, the country take the most glorious history of catching the moment — 1 million 360 thousand people in 2014 test. The location of the work in Shanghai, the total number of 3 people through the audit, a total of no one of the posts through the audit, the average proportion of competition was 35.57: 1: 29059. Among them, a post Shanghai is the hottest only 5 recruiting applicants, there are 2170 people, which is also the highest proportion of high competition in Shanghai city. National heat test accident recurrence of civil servants in recent years has become the topic of people no longer talk about, or even cold trend. The newspapers in the media reports, many civil servants would rather lose "a secure job" to "the sea" of the case, even the graduating students, select the number of civil servants is not much. Data show that in the past 8 years, the national examination, only 2010, 2013, more than 2014 countries, more than 1 million 300 thousand people, of which the number of candidates in 2014 was the most numerous, reaching a total of 1 million 360 thousand people, the figure has not yet been broken. However, the 2017 countries were unexpectedly hot test. Data show that the registration of a total of 1338698 people, compared with the end of last year’s enrollment of more than 1283777 people up to more than 5.4 people. However, 1 million 338 thousand is not the final data, the qualification will continue for two days, will end in 26, 18, which means that in the next two days, the number of qualified will continue to rise, the final figure is likely to be more than 2014, so as to reproduce the brilliant national test. In this regard, experts believe that this year’s exam is so hot, with a large number of related recruiting itself, and also associated with the current in the world and the impact of the economic environment China employment grim, from this year, the hottest position requires two years of work experience at the grassroots level, reflect more on-the-job personnel to enter the system, to achieve stable operation; at the same time because, just graduated this year’s graduates than in previous years has increased, reaching 7 million 560 thousand, especially in the employment difficulty index of the top three are economics, management, literature, the three categories of professional graduates have employment is relatively difficult, so the pile up in excess of requirement, it also caused a lot of candidates willing to select the civil service exam. The most competitive position of heat rising, Shanghai’s position is the number of candidates has reached 29059 people, only 3 jobs no one through the audit, the average competition ratio of 35.57: 1. Through the audit number of the top three sectors are: Shanghai Municipal State Taxation Bureau, Shanghai customs, Shanghai frontier inspection station, three departments of the total number of 19697 people through the audit, through the audit of 67.78% accounted for the total number of. Position competition for the highest percentage of Shanghai customs "audit" post, recruiting 5 people, as of the end of enrollment by the number of 2170 people, up slightly相关的主题文章: