National Tourism Administration of the latest 9 5A level scenic spots

The national tourism administration publicity latest 9 5A level scenic spots according to the National Tourism Bureau website news, October 13th, the National Tourism Bureau in its official publication of the latest batch of 5A level scenic spots, a total of 9, publicity time as of October 19th, and announced the telephone: 010-65201504, 65201532. (a) the state 5A class tourist attractions online publicity list: 1, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region border tourism district in Manchuria City, Anhui Province, Lu’an City, China and Russia 2, Anyang 3 scenic Lake in Henan Province, the Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic canal 4, Guangdong city in Zhongshan Province, the hometown of Sun Zhongshan tourist area in Hainan province in 5, Sanya City, Wuzhizhou Island tourist area, 6 Shaanxi city of Baoji province Taibai Mountain tourism scenic 7, Sichuan city of Nanchong province Yilong 8, Zhu De’s hometown area of Xinjiang autonomous region Yili kalajun area 9, Xinjiang autonomous region, and Jani Ba Ib Luke   Bayan scenic;   publication date: October 13, 2016 to October 19, 2016     Tel: 010-65201504, 65201532 (two Introduction) added 9 5A scenic area of Inner Mongolia Manchuria city and the Manchuria border tourism area of Sino Russian border tourism area: Sino Russian border tourism district of Manchuria city is composed of scenic areas, scenic areas of the country, taowa Chagan Lake scenic spot, the four monomer of Sino Russian trade tourism scenic area, tourism brand is one of the fifteen key construction of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2015. The lake scenic area in Anhui city of Lu’an province Anhui city of Lu’an province Wanfo Lake Scenic Spot: the lake is located in the territory of Anhui County of Shucheng Province, Shandong Dabie Mountain, 80 kilometers from the provincial capital Hefei, formerly known as Longhekou reservoir, because of huge rocks and Guanyin Lake Lake 66 islands formed the magical "Buddha worship Guanyin" scene, and because the source of water from the scenic Foshan million, named after the lake. Scenic area of 135 square kilometers, Lake area of 50 square kilometers, the core scenic area of 15 square kilometers, water quality for the national surface water. The lake Meishan water on three sides, when the lake water After rain the sky looks blue., misty mountains, Ziyun – "Twilight fan jade, light and wet haze hibiscus." The presentation of a beautiful landscape painting, Meishan Xiao smoke as one of the "long Shu eight". Anyang City, Anyang City, Henan Province, the Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area in Henan Province, the canal Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Spot: Chinese Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon is located in the northwest of Henan Province, Linzhou City Southern Taihang Mountain in Shandong, the 100 li long from north to south, east-west width of 2.5 miles, 800~1739 meters above sea level, within the territory of a high cliff, towering peaks masculine, Jin Lu, Cangxi Taiwan wall staggered, water rapids, waterfall four hang, peak, Luan, Taiwan, wall, gorge, waterfalls, peaks, springs is a typical representative of thousands of attitude, beixiong scenery ", is tourism, leisure and health, summer vacation, probe into Xungu and local good painting and outdoor sports. People describe the Taihang Grand Canyon "green cliff such as Dai, Chibi if the dawn, the bird and tree shade相关的主题文章: