New energy automotive industry unified thought ” security ” become a consensus

New energy automotive industry unified thought " security " become a consensus in the world there is no absolute security, but the pursuit of security is the mission of the enterprise. For domestic electric vehicle companies, security should be a ‘one vote veto’ index. Must let the offenders pay the price, can not tolerate ‘bad money to expel good money’ tragedy staged." Chen Qingtai, chairman of the electric vehicle hundred people did not fall, the meeting will be a warm applause. In a security innovation to lead as the theme of the Chinese electric cars hundred people summer forum, his words as if the scene of the voice of all the people. Although hundreds of delegates from the academic, political and business circles, we have reached a consensus on the safety of electric vehicles. In August 21st, China hundreds of electric vehicle will be released "electric vehicle safety report", hundreds of electric vehicle will be executive vice president Ouyang Minggao in the report pointed out that China’s new energy automotive industry is in a period of rapid development, the technical innovation, performance, safety and maturity of products to enhance the electric vehicle technology products. Increase consumer confidence, and by improving the supervision system of top-level design and industry, strictly prevent the occurrence of bad money drives out good money phenomenon, is China’s new energy automotive industry driven by the policy to the policy innovation of double drive transition key. In 2015, the first year is called Chinese electric car market, many countries in the policy superposition effect, domestic electric vehicle market is the explosive growth of new energy vehicles, more than 1.5% year production and sales of automobiles. It also allows China to become the world’s largest consumer of new energy vehicles. This year from 1 to July, the domestic production and sales of new energy vehicles were 215 thousand and 207 thousand, an increase of nearly twice as much again. It is worth mentioning that the vehicle, batteries, motors and other key products have been basically achieved localization, some products have also achieved a lot of export. Many industry experts predict that this year’s sales of new energy vehicles may reach 500 thousand ~ 700 thousand. "According to the plan," 13th Five-Year "period, the national new energy vehicles to reach 200 thousand vehicles, taxis and city logistics vehicles to reach 100 thousand vehicles. New energy vehicles are from the trial to be able to use the transition, but from a good distance is still large, the gap is still large." Cai Tuanjie, deputy director of the Ministry of transport services division believes that the rapid development of new energy vehicle market is not only an opportunity, but also hidden challenges. Ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry secretary Li Dong stressed: the safety of new energy vehicles are both important and complex, is indeed involved in the whole industry chain, but also the whole life cycle of the product. From the whole industry chain, the cause of the accident involves battery monomer, battery pack and management system, wiring harness, high voltage, charging pile, charging stations, etc.." According to him, 17 accidents occurred in the domestic 4 battery system accident, since there are 6 related components of the accident, two were charging system caused by defects, and 5 is caused by improper use or illegal modification. The current electric technology and almost perfect fuel vehicles, the price is still low. If some important core technology does not have a further breakthrough, electric"相关的主题文章: