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[news] Han chess overseas promotion to achieve a breakthrough in Cao Yanlei and Vietnamese players swept Guanya – Sohu sports science brother VS Cao Yanlei China Lai’s dominance situation in the chess world contest eighth "Huaiyin · Han Cup" chess masters was Chinese Macao player Cao Yanlei and brother to break players Vietnam Lai li. In November 14th 2016, Han cup in Sydney Australia Confucius Cao Yanlei and myrtle class ended, Lai Li brother won the championship. Although the Chinese team sent by Wang Tianyi, Zheng Weitong, Xie Jing and Cheng Ming in the lineup, but turns to the impact in other players association under the collective lost, no team can reach the final final Chinese. Founded in 2009, the Han cup to popularize chess culture to the whole world for oneself, from the beginning of 2014 Hanshin cup in second five year plan will determine the theme "towards the five continents, to embrace the whole world tour", held on five continents. The year before last year and has been successfully held in Europe in Germany and Asia China station of Hongkong, this year will be brought to the Han Cup match in Oceania australia. This contest is sponsored by Chinese Chess Association, Jiangsu Province Sports Bureau, Huaian Municipal People’s Government of Huaiyin District, Huaian City People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office, Huaian Municipal Sports Bureau contractor, Jiangsu, Australia China Passion Chess Association, Sydney Ziwei Confucius class Co. The Secretary before the Jiangsu city of Huaian province Huaiyin District Sports Bureau Ding Rui, the World Chess Federation Deputy Secretary General Xue Zhong, director Wu Xia and other guests walked into the Sydney Chinese Proficiency Test Center and the school classroom Confucius Sydney Ziwei teachers of chess culture and communication forum. During the competition, the local culture and Chinese chess enthusiasts who heard the match. Xue Zhong, Deputy Secretary General of the World Chess Association, Secretary General of the European Chess Association believes that the level of chess players in Europe and Chinese players have a gap, but the gap is not so large as the difference between Chinese football and European football. The year before the sixth session of the Munich Cup success in Han held in Germany, the European countries have a great interest in chess culture, Europe emerged as Xue Handi, Pu Fangyao, Glenn resistance to such a high level player. In August this year, the first World Youth chess Championships held in Hamburg, Germany has also been a great success, more and more young people in Europe like Chinese chess, like Chinese culture. Xue Zhong said, with the hope that the Hanshin Cup held in Oceania, a strong impetus to the popularity of chess movement in Oceania. It is thanks to the Chinese Chess Association and the World Chess Federation for many years to promote the tireless efforts of chess culture, other countries and regions of the players have been able to pose a strong challenge to the Chinese team. This game a total of 12 players participating, China team of Wang Tianyi, Zheng Weitong and Xie Jing carved up the 5 national championship since 2012, although Cheng Ming did not have a national title, but recently won the Gaogang cup, the recent trend of increased significantly. But so luxurious lineup didn’t resist the impact of other players association. In the group phase, Xie Jing ranked second in the A group, the Vietnamese players ranked first brother Lai li. B group Cao Yanlei ranked first, Zheng Weitong, Cheng Ming and points from two to four. According to the provisions of the two相关的主题文章: