Nine screenwriter Liu Chang guagu heartbroken open abuse difficult to continue love (video) vy canis majoris

"Nine" screenwriter Liu Chang guagu heartbroken open abuse difficult to continue old sky city _22 Kyushu > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "nine sky" Tencent entertainment news August 24th this summer, the hit fantasy drama "sky city" open ending Kyushu mode, the protagonist invented more emotional line. Liu Chang in 20 sets of love can not be said, finally to Guan Xiaotong his feelings, but has been unable to restore the feelings of two people. Last night, Liu Chang and Guan Xiaotong to "murder" misunderstanding finally meet again. At the sight of a loved one sad cry, Liu Chang’s first white Tingjun to easily show Fuling, although some nail pain, also want to stay to fuling. Easy Fuling send kiss, was in the audience thought that two people finally to the sugar on the occasion, the white Tingjun found himself being mistaken with Tianyi (Zhang Ruoyun). The story has been reversed, but the screenwriter has always been abused Liu Chang. Although easy to Fuling fell in love with Liu Chang or endure wind Tianyi, voluntary scraping the bone pain, want to rid the body of the bone nail, easy to recover fuling. However, the final point of wind flowers Shenyang Pei Tianyi Liu Chang even scraping the bone, disfigurement are also difficult to continue the old. The audience called: "too much abuse, please send the writers to the blade!" "Nine sky" the 22 episodes, Liu Chang has always played a role as a jade love child, the prince of love will become a country of blackening what king? It is also more likely to expect his reversal in the rest of the series.相关的主题文章: