Ningbo fast food sampling two batches of unqualified new four Yonghe soybean milk on the black list

Ningbo fast food sampling two batches of unqualified new four Yonghe soybean milk on the black list recently, Ningbo Market Supervision Bureau to carry out special supervision and sampling of Chinese fast food chain. Food and beverage completed a total of 169 batches of food sampling, involving inspection units of 60. Yesterday, sampling results show that sampling a total of 169 batches of samples, the detection of substandard samples of 2 batches, qualified samples of 167 batches, the pass rate of 98.8%. The discovery of batches of substandard products for Ningbo Jiangdong new four Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. Dongsheng branch of the bulk of three yellow doxycycline the food company to exceed the standard, self distribution. Ningbo Jiangbei, Yonghe soybean milk shop, substandard products for Chinese chive carbendazim sourced from the vegetables exceed the standard, Jiang Dong Feng Ying for vegetable dongning. According to the relevant person in charge of the implementation of the sampling of the city market supervision and administration of food and beverage department, said the overall situation of the sampling is still good, the number of substandard batches of substandard products is not very large. The responsible person said, doxycycline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, and carbendazim is also commonly used broad-spectrum fungicide, these drug residues are with time and the natural decomposition of volatile, the unqualified and use time, and exceed the standard numerical is not great, but also hope that the majority of people do not have to panic. It is reported that this sampling area covers 14 districts of Ningbo City, sampling places involving restaurants, fast food restaurants, canteens. Samples taken include edible agricultural products, condiments, tableware, bean products, meat products, starch and starch products, food products, edible oils and fats and their products, vegetable products, beverages, frozen food, food additives, etc. a total of 13 kinds of aquatic products. In particular, to remind consumers, such as in the city to buy or found in the market was informed of substandard products, please call the hotline 12331 complaints, or directly to the local market regulatory authorities complaints, reports.相关的主题文章: