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Business Nita Ambani became a part of Reliance Industries board in June 2014. She holds the second most important position in the countrys biggest and most profitable private .pany. Ambani looks after an annual business of Rs. 1,566 crore. She is the Founder and Chairman of Reliance Industries philanthropic arm, Reliance Foundation. The parent .pany announced an investment of Rs. 805 crore for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Financial Year 2014 – 2015. Reliance Foundation spent an additional Rs. 761 crore for its CSR activities. Zia Mody, an old friend of Ambani said that every responsibility is a learning process. Anybody who has a wide experience in being a board member will face challenges in Reliance Industries board because of its large-scale businesses. Ambanis work for the hospital Ex-Chief of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), R. A. Mashelkar, who is also a Board of Director at Reliance Industries informed that Ambani takes care of the details of all her tasks.During the launch of Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital, Ambani approved the staff uniform, building design, the menu for patients and inauguration by Prime Minister NarendraModi. She also had planned every minute of the event. She has given a new meaning to patient care. She gave her nod for hi-tech Burlodge trolleys. These trolleys are used to serve food for patients and may store both cold and warm food. One trolley is as expensive as a car. Ambani introduced music in the MRI rooms to soothe the patients. Besides, she also got windows installed in the ICUs so that patients are exposed to natural light. Ambani makes everyone feel a part of the Reliance family. She will inquire about family members and also about their health. Moreover, she had made the first meal of the hospital kitchen with her hands. Reliance Foundation has touched the lives of 4.5 million people. Its health program has consulted 2.9 million people. Reliance Foundations flagship program SudarshanSuchi, an employee of the Foundation, said that when Ambani first called him to discuss the Foundation in 2010, he asked her about the focus. To which, she replied, "Whatever it will take to make India a developed nation before we are in the 100thyear of independence." The Foundation then came up with its flagship program, Bharat India Jodo (BIJ) aimed at rural transformation. Ambani aimed that the rural India should be at par with the modern, urban India. She had asked her teammates to work where the poorest people of the country live. She asked them to go where no other organization had reached and said that it need not be near Reliance Industries’ establishments. Ambanis work for education Ambani dreamt of an international school in 2002. She aimed to build a school keeping the child at the center. ZareneMunshi, the Academic Project Director at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School said that Ambani had involved herself .pletely in the initial years of the school. She used to visit the school early in the morning. For the first 5-6 years, she knew every child by name. She also conducted workshops for teachers to know what values to cultivate in children. The Foundation runs 13 schools now and teaches more than 15,000 children. Ambanis newer objective is to build a school for the special children. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: