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No seat for pregnant women to blocking the door, exactly who is wrong? Have friends broke the two days before the Sohu mother, Beijing Metro Line 10, a pregnant woman because the bus no one gave up his seat to her disgruntled, complaints of the operation, the staff came back, she sat in the door, and finally the police away, causing the train running late for a few minutes. This news has aroused widespread discussion of friends, some people think that we are too cold, pregnant women in vulnerable groups, the other passengers should seat, which is the basic moral, female netizens said he had been pregnant when encountered no car can make the seat, even if there is one seat are women, pregnant women can only be hard to understand; another part of people think knowing that their physical condition is not convenient, you should try to choose the appropriate time and transport, and the seat is not compulsory liability, not to mention the car blocking pregnant women seriously affects the behavior of other passengers, passengers who is wrong, but the pregnant mother more responsibility. In order to avoid this embarrassing situation, but also for their own health considerations, expectant mothers during pregnancy should pay attention to what? 1 try to avoid the rush hour if you do not need to work during pregnancy, pregnant mothers are best to avoid the peak flow out, so as not to be more than an accident. 2 choose the right way to avoid the peak period, of course, the best, but in reality, many pregnant mothers need to work after the pregnancy, which need to consider the way to travel. If you live near the location of the work, the best way is to walk, you can breathe fresh air, but also to prevent varicose veins and hemorrhoids, proper exercise every day is also conducive to childbirth. It is best to walk within half an hour, while wearing soft and comfortable shoes. If the home is far away from work, you need to use the means of transport. Subway, bus and other most people choose to ride the public transportation is not standing in the doorway, in order to prevent the large flow of people on and off when pushed to, don’t pull rings hanging in the above, to avoid shaking rings standing instability. But doctors also remind pregnant mothers, the moon is too large, such as after 28 weeks as far as possible not to take public transport, and it is best not to go out alone. Choose your drive to work the pregnant mother should pay attention to the body not too forward, to avoid extrusion to the abdomen, cause miscarriage or premature delivery. In addition, pregnant women are still working at the time of pregnancy will be more tired, driving energy may be difficult to concentrate, so if you drive the car or consider the physical condition before deciding, do not force. As long as there is no risk factors of abortion, in the early pregnancy, the middle term, cycling to work is also possible, can strengthen the heart and lung function, to achieve the purpose of physical exercise. 3 pregnant signs in some places in order to facilitate the travel of pregnant women, pregnant women will be made, if the location can be provided, pregnant mothers may wish to wear a. Because users reflect, there is also a lot of people to the unmarried female seat body fat than misunderstanding encountered errors led to their own experience, in the uncertain.相关的主题文章: