Not accept! TA was all twelve

Not accept! TA has twelve signs all eyes closed and open, "eleven" holiday was so gorgeous in the past seven days, how such a short! The 2016 holidays are ABSP blink away mercilessly. Back to the work of the (ROU) embrace (Lin), it was deeply realized that the original can be so long.   " > not against Tahoma! TA has twelve constellations take seven days to work day, like "autumn twenty-one" (5 years). The operation, the body feels hollowed out. At this moment, only buy buy buy, in order to let each constellation of small partners are flying real me". When it comes to buy buy buy baby, dad knows we heard some of the electricity supplier, launched a wave of super awesome activities to ease our five lack of a national holiday of sadness, the baby was gratified. For example, SAIC daddy self built O2O car electronic business platform – car enjoy, recently launched a wave of cabbage price models. Not accept! TA has twelve signs all from September 22nd to October 20th, to enjoy the car started the "born to enjoy the color of lust" of the new promotional activities, Volkswagen, Skoda, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Roewe, SAIC, SAIC, SAIC chase, Mg Baojun and Wuling brands have triggered a specific task". According to legend, different constellation buddy style, were not the same, but the most suitable for their car is also different. Next, let the baby to twelve small partners for planting bar sign. Not accept! TA has twelve constellations to take fire sign. Aries is the born brave fighters, while Chevrolet Mai Rui Bao slender body, and tail, see it will make people full of excitement.; Leo is a combination of spirit and the courage of the body, and a return will always give people a full of energy to challenge, to chase the feeling, the lions can drive it to the heart place; Sagittarius love sports, love to make new friends, with half the spirit of the horse, cross type Baojun 730 is more suitable for sagittarius. It is worth mentioning that, Mai Rui Bao and Ruiteng are available in small cars, can enjoy half purchase tax preferential policies, the small displacement vehicle special more surprises to enjoy this activity in the car "". Not accept! TA was all twelve constellation earth sign, Taurus, stable, sincere and pragmatic, but also love to enjoy the elegant style, Hideo from modelling, all aspects of performance to the brand is not exaggerated, with a little elegant temperament, must be very appetite for taurus. Virgo is the standard model for the baby, law-abiding, popular Ling Du natural simplicity without losing gorgeous, will be sought after virgo. Capricorn love the most emphasized logical and reasonable, while Chevrolet Cruze body lines also implied a rational, solemn and full of the unknown challenges. In order to enjoy now Cruze, Hideo special offer car waiting for you, Ooba Megumi! Not accept! TA has twelve constellations take look at others always cannot read the air sign. Gemini is naturally curious baby, sensitive, publicity, and very focused on the inner world, while Skoda moving Xin also appears to be endowed with both beauty and talent to understand life more!相关的主题文章: