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Vacation-Rentals With an estimated 350,000 foreigners descending on London for the summer Olympic Games 2012 it is hardly surprising that Boris Johnson has his hands full. When you think of it he is trying to accommodate, not only spectators from foreign shores, but also the many thousands of spectators from the UK. Hotels, guest houses, hostels and other available forms of accommodation have been booked for many months for the 17 day extravaganza with some people even moving out of their domestic properties and making a tidy sum on the rental. One London hospitality venue is pulling out all the stops in order to facilitate as many guests as possible. A spokesman from the Dolphin Square complex in Westminster told us; we provide business accommodation in London which generally meets the requirements of people who need to be in London for a short to medium time frame. We also provide serviced apartments in London which are for the longer stays. We are a very versatile facility which, located in Pimlico SW1, Dolphin Square offers a range of contemporary apartments with exceptional public transport connections and unique amenities, including a fitness club, bar and grill and shopping arcade. As such, unlike many hotels in London, we are able to adapt some of our accommodation to help more spectators to the Olympics stay in the heart of London. With central London establishments fully booked spectators have to look further afield in towns close to London City Centre. With over 1 million beds to rent in the UK, it should be no problem to accommodate them. Many are heading to South Coast to take advantage of the beaches. Bournemouth has reported record bookings and many other towns and cities have now sold out of rooms. The Caravanning and Camping Club have announced temporary sites for July and August 2012. They are working with Gravesham Borough Council to achieve this goal. They will both be very close to Ebbsfleet International Station, which is just 10 minutes from Stratford, Greater London, and the Olympic Stadium providing a much needed option for accommodating guests for the games. There are sites further afield that are advertising good quality accommodation and they are providing shuttle services to the games. One thing the Brits are good at is clubbing together to get the job done. Keep calm and carry on mentality is the order of the day, as it always has been. As a nation of innkeepers with more hospitality establishments than any other country in Europe we pride ourselves on giving visitors an experience they will remember. When the dust settles and the games have played out their destiny the only thing that will overshadow our hospitality will be the best athletes from around the world vying for one common goal; to be the best! If you are looking forward to the 2012 Olympic Games and wish to be in London for the events on offer it would pay to start looking for accommodation now and what better place to start your search than with Dolphin House. For further information visit: .dolphinsquare.co.uk/house/ or you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with all ongoing special offers and availability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: