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About Mr Wang Huisheng’s landscape painting appreciation and interpretation of Wen Ziyang in late Ming Dynasty "Mount Huangshan mind": "we have cited the view, such as beauty, different smiles, sitting Xiyi in different environments……" This is the true nature of the water, but how to present to the third party through the painting language, it is the key to test the artist’s ability to organize painting language. Where is the ancient and modern landscape painter, can not say the words Qianshan, good style of the wonderful mountains, although the same painting scene, and artistic conception are different, so it is a good landscape painter. Because to understand different artistic conception, landscape performance of the mountain, is a reflection of how to use the most intuitive painter painting language has different appearance to work. It is also an important theoretical basis to explain the relationship between painting language and works. Wang Huisheng’s 1 paper colors 42cmX42cm. Yunxi Mr. Hui Sheng, the quaint, pleasing paintings seen in the painting of Jiangxi, however, the prestigious, the world already finalized the creative direction of Mr. Hui Sheng, the crown of the painter said. But a year later, Mr. wellSome quietly out of the new, to create a large number of landscape paintings, it has turned out, and will certainly become a blockbuster wonderful day. Hui Sheng’s new landscape, in terms of its appearance, there are many places worthy of further study and discussion. Not long ago, had the honor to wellSome Mr. elegant room appreciate the large number of new creation of landscape paintings, not only rich themes and forms. Both ink and green, and in the creation of form selection, this paper, cardboard, uchiwa also are involved, the theme includes pastoral scenery, canyon, Feizhou board to send orders and sketching is a scenery traveled the mountains, showing extremely rich works and painting language. Wang Huisheng’s 2 paper colors 42cmX42cm Chinese painting, painting language is a prerequisite to the formation of landscape works, the natural beauty of the landscape is a kind of objective existence, but did not know how to use the language of painting from the natural beauty, even a good mountain, and you hard to get one is not enough for the road. The creation is not to copy the natural scenery, but to use the language of painting to refine the art, to complete the creation of two degrees. At this point, a variety of appearance by Mr. Hui Sheng in the new painting language and abundant works, fully reflects the ability as a painter he used painting language and unique artistic talent, really appreciated. Wang Huisheng’s 3 paper colors 42cmX42cm in fact, Mr. wellSome early on to the creation of landscape painting, and a small amount of works, but the work style is not qualitative, the pen is relatively complex, apparently a tentative and exploratory strong. And its recent landscape works are different, regardless of the painting language or the face of the work, are more rigorous, more standardized, more abundant, but also more systematic. First of all from the painting language theory, Mr. Hui Sheng’s new work, has a very strong personal language features, because of long time painting creation in terms of composition accumulation, outline the layout of landscape painting, Mr. Hui Sheng was showing fine, rigorous, mountain style!相关的主题文章: