One day at 12 Nanjing snow came down in 123 days of winter mia farrow

One day at 12 Nanjing snow came down in 123 days in the cold winter of the invitation, the snow queen yesterday to visit Jiangsu, autumn and winter also successfully completed the replacement. Today the rain stopped but the wind blows, the temperature continues to drop, the temperature will drop to 0 degrees Celsius in Nanjing today. Tomorrow will usher in the second half of the coldest morning, is expected in northern Huaihe, the lowest temperature dropped to -5 degrees C, there is freezing, the minimum temperature in Nanjing fell to -2 C, need to focus on the impact of road icing on traffic. Yangzi Evening News reporter Yu Dandan day to cool 12 degrees, Nanjing ushered in the first snow last night this morning yesterday morning, Jiangsu ushered in the first snow this winter, Lianyungang and Xuzhou to float the snow. As of yesterday evening, Huaihe to the north part of the region have observed snow. Yesterday, 23 points, Nanjing, Liuhe has been converted to pure snow, the main city of some areas and Pukou, sleet and ice particles. Because of the low temperature, Liuhe already has snow. Meteorological department is expected to further reduce the temperature today, the main city and the South will be snow, snow in Liuhe, Pukou, 2 to 5 cm. Yesterday is the snow solar term, @ Nanjing weather said yesterday, from nearly 16 years of the first snow in 2009, before and after the "Snow" solar term appeared in the snow, snow in Nanjing the other years until mid December. Therefore, this year’s first snow came earlier than in previous years. Although the snow in Nanjing is slow, but the cooling is very serious. We can clearly feel that the autumn and winter has been successfully completed the baton. Compared with the day before yesterday, Nanjing 24 hours to reach the temperature range of 12 degrees. Jiangsu yesterday in most areas in 24 hours the temperature fell more than 10 DEG C, said "winter night" did not exaggerate. Today the snow wind stopped, many temperatures dropped below zero today the rain ceased, but wind, north wind in most areas of 5-6 gust 7, the temperature continues to decline. The lowest temperature forecast today: Huaibei area -3 degrees Celsius, local frozen, the province’s southeast region of 5 degrees Celsius, other regions 2~3 C. Nanjing during the day there is still rain snow or snow weather, at night, the minimum temperature dropped to 0 degrees celsius. Today the body feeling will be very cold snowstorm raging. Tomorrow morning the weather will appear, the minimum temperature of the cold wave process in Huaibei area, -5 degrees Celsius, freezing, the southeastern part of the province of 1~2 degrees, -2 degrees Celsius in other regions; the highest temperature: 8 degrees around the South of Jiangsu area along the Yangtze River and other areas, 5~6 C. Nanjing tomorrow, the minimum temperature of -2 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature of 7 degrees Celsius, local frozen. The recent Nanjing weather: during the day overcast with rain and snow or snow, rain and snow small to medium, cloudy night, 0 C to 4 C; it will be cloudy tomorrow, -2 to 7 DEG C.; the day after tomorrow is cloudy, overcast with light rain at night, 1 to 11 DEG c.. The small cap did not exist in the sense of a lot of people feel the end of autumn, not how to enjoy an invigorating autumn climate, autumn and we said goodbye, this year’s autumn is too short. Some netizens said that Nanjing is indeed not fall, not about reward autumn, directly on the snow.相关的主题文章: