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Owners have submitted dragged property designated decoration keys – early Beijing Tang Xuan residence district submitted time delayed, the owners are very anxious. As we went to the property to view, unexpected things happened: we have not got the key, how people have begun to decorate it?" After playing heard: I heard that the property and decoration companies have cooperation, as long as the company designated to find the decoration of the property, will be able to get the key in advance. August 25th, Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter interviewed on the matter. Why can someone get the keys in advance? The Tang Xuan residence district is located in Shenbei New Area Puchang Road, small area doorway is the subway, Xiao Song single white-collar buy three forward delivery housing area. I bought the house in October 2012, due to the reasons for developers, until the end of 2014 began to cover. The developer promised by the end of 2015 launch, but the launch time is delayed, notice in July 31st this year submitted, but has not yet materialized." 7 at the end of the song inadvertently heard a message: if the appointment of the decoration company decoration property, you can get the key in advance. He found the decoration company asked, got a positive answer. The other said, the normal launch time for the end of August, but the company can help owners immediately receive keys and decoration. Decoration companies who will raise prices? When asked about the price, song found that the decoration company than the market price of the company doubled. "We are eager to get the key decoration, decoration company designated private property price in advance of decoration, it’s not?" Xiao Song is very angry, "in this way early to get the key, There is no such a rule!" August 25th, the reporter learned that the interview process in the District, including the song did not get the key to the owners are very angry. "We have to go to the sales offices, they do not recognize, and later to find developers, but can not find." Song reluctantly said. The reporter tried to call the Tang Xuan mansion sales office phone, the staff answered the phone said, the people began to decorate a thing, do not belong to the sales department, the housing property issue key. The property has denied a decoration company has promised to investigate the issue of owners holding the property in the field of video shooting to find 17 residential building decoration, the property has said: "it may be a model decoration." Subsequently, the owners also showed the question for the new house decoration decoration company plans, owners of a design: "the key to the decoration company how?" In this regard, the interpretation of the property is given, due to just take over residential property, there are some regulatory loopholes in the work, the future must strengthen management, but denied that the company privately with the decoration alliance. 25, the reporter called the cell phone. Staff strongly denied: This is impossible, we will not open such a hole!" Property and a designated decoration company has a certain degree of cooperation, but only limited to its part of the park to invest in the work, did not get the key to say early. Please rest assured that the owners, the key to the new premises in the 25 month of this month has been issued." Property, said the company does not rule out a small private decoration action, the property must be Yang相关的主题文章: