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Parents emotional problems have a great impact on the child, you made it? The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 recently, micro-blog circle of friends which are Baoqiang Wang’s divorce statement to maxed out. Entertainment is really also than the idea that drama. Although his wife derailed with the broker enough Madden, more surprising is, netizens doubt that two children are probably not a baby daughter, okay, whether it is not the biological child is wrong, the poor relationship between parents give children exactly what will be the impact? Let’s have a steak. 1 love rush parents of a contradiction, also do not shy in front of the children quarrel, even the children as a punching bag, scolding the child. Some parents also put the children standing in the party together and confront each other. In such a bad relationship with the growth of children tend to attack, let the child develop a habit of using violence to solve problems. In addition, many want to show that most of the crimes committed by young people and domestic violence. 2 love the cold war parents this kind of parents have no obvious quarrel, once the contradictions are often taken cold violence expressed dissatisfaction with each other, in the course of time, deterioration of the marital relationship, children grow up in such a family environment, children are prone to inferiority, anxiety and even schizophrenia etc.. So parents should be how to deal with family conflicts in front of the child? 1 first of all, parents should face up to the contradictions, the contradiction between family members is normal. At this point, parents can choose not to face the child and the contradiction between the two sides in order to avoid the outbreak of emotional quarrel caused by the child’s psychological shadow. 2 avoid the cold war, and not let children become parents between the transmitter, if children are more sensible to the contradiction between ease of parents, so parents should be aware of their behavior may bring to the child, and when necessary to give the child a ting fu. Once the 3 contradictions arise, parents should think of the first time the use of peaceful discussions, the way to solve the problem of equal communication, give children a good example of things to deal with. Parents are the best teachers of children, your every move affects the child’s present and future, in order to children, properly deal with family conflicts. The original article, shall not be reproduced without authorization, child health problem questions questions, communication, sharing, exchange "相关的主题文章: