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Parents must not be too casual in front of the child, beware of the scourge of the child – a lot of three mothers and children of Sohu home or the elderly are not around the family do not attach importance to such a problem. The recent peak mother group from Shanghai mother said, a 9 year old son to clean pillowcase, pillow unexpectedly from the interlayer found a don’t know what time you have lost the yellow pants, the mat also hidden a yellow book. Peak mother will confound, underwear slipped back, can not continue to wash pillowcases. When she was very upset to the psychological doctor, to find the root of. The original peak mother usually fashionable dress, often wearing a low cut love sling pajamas at home, but also love to go out wearing sexy. Peak mom said, thought the child is still small, thought they were a family…… Often see a lot of home dads used shirtless wearing only underwear, women do not wear underwear, especially in hot weather. Early childhood education experts remind parents of children over the age of 3 years of age, the parents of the children in front of the child’s best care. 3 year old child has a gender awareness, about the age of 10 began to sexual awakening. If parents do not pay attention to wear, too exposed to wear in front of the child, the child will have a negative impact, such as sexual impulse and precocious puberty, can cause psychological barriers. Children’s psychological development process, parents need to know the taboo 2-3 years old, the baby knows that the mother is a woman, the father is a man, men and women in the body is not the same. Parents should avoid the boy as a girl, to give him a skirt. 4 years ago, the children on the part of the body curiosity, will touch the genitals. But at this stage of the child to observe the genitals and observe the car running on the street is the same motivation, no difference, he did not know how much interest. Parents are more adult concept is added to the child is stupid. 5-8 years old, children prefer to associate with the same sex. At this time parents to tell their children not to touch sensitive parts, they can not touch people, which can not be. 9-10 years of age, gender awareness budding, they are very sensitive to sex. Then the parents must not let the children see sexual intercourse or too pornographic images, avoid adverse effects. How to ensure the psychological health of children, pay attention to the newborn 1 touching the satisfaction of baby experience full of touching on infant skin, caress needs are met, the baby crying is not easy, otherwise the child will behave as often crying, sleep less, not willing to contact with people. 2 before the age of two, let the children fully sucking fingers baby sucking fingers, in addition to oral sensitive period, the baby’s mouth and hand coordination development, but also the needs of the baby to eat fingers, this time as adults should not prevent the baby to eat, but wash baby’s hands and let them suck. Mandatory stop your baby will make the baby eat hand, rebellious or psychological shadow, grow up will be more easy to form the most attacking character. 3, after the age of three, for sex, parents should not deceive their children over the age of 3相关的主题文章: