Participants the battle of shares in line with the 3140 main problems at large the better to apprehe noiseware

Participants: the battle of shares in line with the 3140 main problems at large the better to apprehend him is not a financial Sohu, the amount of energy released this week, the market battle line ar Yang 3140, 1 is not a problem at large the better to apprehend him but no amount of violent market release: we have noticed this market rebound in volume, but there is no heavy volume, which indicates that the a rebound to continue and carry on, and according to our analysis before this week, the stock index and the gem because of the weekly volume so he received positive probability is relatively large, the market has given the amount of this week is that Yang Shun long signal homeopathy. 2, the rise again: 20 + daily pull after I noticed the lowest market also hit the rising trend line near 3050, and the market has once again stand back to the 20 antenna, this in the disk to the signal are long and offensive. 3, breaking up the afternoon decline + amount: we noticed that the stock index and the gem 30 minutes and 60 minutes of the 3088 highs has been broken, and the closing station, after doing step back to confirm the effective market, it is worth noting that can make a breakthrough in the afternoon after the effective release, this is the market to do more to read the main signal is released, A shares are rarely can have an afternoon than in the morning, I believe the amount of fill in September 7th will, this is a good signal. 4, multi technology signal attack signal: we look at the stock index and the gem of the me 30 minutes and 60 minutes daily level and see the weekly level, the market has sent a signal to attack, but we also say don’t think too much, or the high in the 3175 – 3200 near, don’t think too much, then the market once again into a shock and suffering. Two, time and again to the market rebound towards the end of bank stock trading rose difficult to stem what? After a few days of shock 15 stars, that is three weeks, suffering concussion, tangled A crash of September 6th finally ushered in a decent rebound slightly, but it is the main routine, in the opening show a kill, intraday began pulled, and strangely in trading is through the industrial and commercial bank the weight of pressure plate, the overall increase is coming, amount, but bank stocks late in strange action is for what? Our judgment is the trend of bank shares late in strange is a deliberate platen of the national team, not to let the index rose too fast, from this trend, still does not change the market turbulence, but the shock upward trend does not change, we still see through a positive pressure plate heavyweights. Three, worried about monetary policy? Increase fiscal policy should also be a loose we face now is the market asset shortage and excess liquidity, in this case, we also noticed that the central bank intends to control monetary policy, some people say that monetary policy will be tightened, so the market will be short of money, but our view is that when monetary policy the beginning point is not effective, have frequently mentioned fiscal policy is also a relaxed, official said "increase the positive fiscal policy implementation efforts further liberalization of infrastructure investment restrictions, we interpret this相关的主题文章: